Elam International Printmaking Workshop Event as iCalendar

(Fine Arts)

19 January 2015 - 30 January 2015

Venue: Elam School of Fine Arts

Location: 20 Whitaker Place


The art of printmaking has a long and venerable tradition, and has endured into the 21st century because it continues to enthrall art lovers with its extraordinary and delicate range of effects. Printmaking is continuing to develop new forms in the digital age, using new materials, and is one of the fastest growing areas of the fine arts. Across the world, fine arts institutions are expanding their printmaking facilities and programmes.

The Elam International Printmaking Workshop (EIPW 2015) will bring together respected printmakers from around the globe to celebrate this unique art form. In conjunction with Elam students, staff and the wider arts community, they will produce original new works across the full range of printmaking techniques, culminating in a major exhibition at the University of Auckland’s Gus Fisher Gallery. 

Coordinated by Associate Professor Derrick Cherrie, Head of Elam School of Fine Arts and Associate Professor Nuala Gregory, Deputy Dean, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI).

Fifteen leading tertiary arts providers, including the University of the Arts and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago will be represented at the workshop. 

EIPW 2015 will be organised as a two-weeks live studio project in which visiting artists/academics and Elam staff will work side-by-side in the Elam printmaking studios (which include facilities for etching, screen-printing and stone lithography). Artists will be assigned a space according to their preferred print medium. Students will be able to freely interact with the participants as they work through their ideas and complete their prints. 



EIPW 2015 Featured Lectures:

21 January Mandy Bonnell

22 January Conditional Spaces - Bettina van Haaren

23 January Michael Kempson and Joseph Scheer

27 January Symposium Series: Mark Harris and Michael Barnes

28 January Leigh Clarke

28 January Irena Keckes


EIPW 2015 Exhibition

An exhibition at Gus Fisher Gallery will showcase the works created as part of the workshop.