Expert Series 016 Event as iCalendar

(Creative Events, Architecture and Planning)

08 March 2016 - 17 May 2016


Venue: Exhibition Studio, Level 3, School of Architecture and Planning

Location: 26 Symonds St, Auckland Central

Host: School of Architecture and Planning

Cost: Free

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Past Events

Tuesday 8 March, 12pm

Davor Popadich: Pattersons Architects Auckland
Landspace and materiality and our houses

Juliet Arnott: Rekindle Christchurch


House of the Week 1: Louis Kahn: Fisher House, Hatboro, Pennsylvannia 1967
House of the Week 2: 19 Admirals Way, New Brighton, Christchurch ca.1925.

Tuesday 8 March, 5.30pm

Special Event

Juliet Arnott: Rekindle Christchurch
Design for reuse: Rekindle's new project

The Resource: Rise Again project will fund and support 5 designers or design teams across New Zealand, between April and October 2016, to research and design new solutions for resources that businesses currently pay to dispose of in landfill. This is the first time in New Zealand that a research and design program has been established specifically to address waste through reuse solutions. Rekindle is now calling for designers to submit their interest in the project; the deadline for submissions is 11th March 2016.

This talk will discuss the role of designers and other creative practitioners in this field of waste minimisation. Businesses that wish to see greater resource efficiency within their waste management, via solutions for reuse, are also encouraged to attend.

Tuesday 15 March, 12pm

Rewi Thompson/Danielle Koni: School of Architecture and Planning
Wharenui: threshold between different spatial realms

Pete Bossley: Bossley Architects Auckland
From walled garden to encampment


House of the Week 1: Rewi Thompson Architect Auckland: Thompson House, Kohimarama, Auckland, 1985.
House of the Week 2: Pete Bossley Architects Auckland: Fold House, Bay of Islands 2015.

Tuesday 22 March, 12pm

Rev James Buxton: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge UK
Rock cut churches of Ethiopia

Tuesday 5 April, 12pm

Matt Liggins: School of Architecture and Planning and Matt Liggins Studio
The way I approach designing houses

Bill McKay: School of Architecture and Planning
New Zealand state housing: From modest to modern


House of the Week 1: Renato D'Ettorre Archts Sydney: Solis and Azuris, Hamilton Island, 2010-14.
House of the Week 2: Ray and Charles Eames LA: Case Study House No. 8, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA, 1949.

Tuesday 26 April, 12pm

Farzaneh Haghighi: School of Architecture and Planning
Adoption and modification of modernism in a traditional context

Kathy Waghorn: School of Architecture and Planning
The home in law


House of the Week 1: Kerman [Iran] Housing Typologies since the 18th Century.
House of the Week 2: Richard Neutra LA: VDL Studio, Los Angeles, California, USA 1929-1932.

Tuesday 3 May, 12pm

Aaron Paterson: School of Architecture and Planning and Paterson Architecture Collaborative
Our houses

Ross Jenner: School of Architecture and Planning
Aalto and the domestic


House of the Week 1: Pezo von Ellrichshausen: Casa Guna, San Pedro de la Paz, Chile 2014.
House of the Week 2: Alvar Aalto Helsinki: Villa Mairea, Noormarkku Finland 1935-40.

Tuesday 10 May, 12pm

Adrian Lo: School of Architecture and Planning and Hong Kong
Eisenman’s house of guards: The paradox of the interstitial trace.

Cameron Rowe: School of Architecture and Planning
Rudolph schindler’s kings road house and musical proportions.


House of the Week 1: Peter Eisenman NYC: Casa Guardiola, Santa Maria del Mar, Spain 1986-88.
House of the Week 2: Steven Holl NYC: Stretto House, Dallas, Texas, USA 1989-91.

Tuesday 17 May, 12pm

Lance Herbst: Herbst Architects Auckland

Michael Milojević: School of Architecture and Planning
Collaging house: Chance, the raw, self-building and the incomplete.


House of the Week: Herman Hertzberger Amsterdam: Diagoon, Delft, Netherlands, 1965-71.