ALTER: Between Human and Non-Human Event as iCalendar

(Exhibitions, Gus Fisher Gallery)

22 April 2016 - 21 May 2016

Venue: Gus Fisher Gallery

Location: 74 Shortland Street

Cost: Free

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Website: Gus Fisher Gallery

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Top: Elena Knox, still from Comfortable and Alive, 2013. Below: Stelarc

Exhibition opening: 5.30pm, Friday 22 April. Speaker: Associate Professor Mark Sagar, Director, Laboratory for Animate Technologies, University of Auckland.

ALTER is a group exhibition that asks important questions regarding the relationships between human and non-human, virtual and real in the context of the increasing digitization of our contemporary existence. The exhibition includes works by international artists who critically address the posthuman. Referencing the biomimetic ‘self’ these works often draw on neurobiology, brain imaging, neuropsychology and computational modeling. Each of these technoscientific artworks are products of a shifting collaborative process between the artist, computer scientists,  neuropsychologists and/or medical practitioners.

Featuring installations, sculptures, videos and interactive works by international artists including Jane Prophet (UK/HK), Stelarc (Aus), Nina Sellars (Aus/UK), Agatha Haines (UK) and Elena Knox (Aus).  Additionally, there is an interactive work  created by the curator artist Deborah Lawler-Dormer (NZ) in association with Dr Mark Sagar at the Laboratory for Animate Technologies at the University of Auckland.

Artists working in connection with technoscientific practices are activating an exploration, an extension and/or an alternative to the boundaries of the body. The artworks in the show are curious in that they oscillate between character and computational representation while maintaining a dialogue concerning self identity.

Supporting this exhibition, will be a series of talks by artists, scientists and researchers occurring each Saturday afternoon at the Gus Fisher Gallery.
The first of these talks, on Saturday 23rd April,  will see Stelarc presenting an overview of his 40 year artistic career. Stelarc is currently Professor, and Director of the Alternate Anatomies Laboratory, at Curtin University. His trip has been partially supported by the NICAI Doctoral Conference  and Creative Event Fund, University of Auckland.

This exhibition is curated by Deborah Lawler-Dormer as part of her PhD with Creative Practice specialising in Media Arts jointly supervised by NICAI, University of Auckland and the School of Art and Design at the University of New South Wales through the Universitas 21 Doctoral Scheme. Her doctoral programme has been supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award.

Exhibition lecture
Saturday 23 April - Stelarc: Contestable bodies: Zombies, Humanoids and Hybrids. 1pm, Black Box Theatre, Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland Street.