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02 July 2016


Venue: Gus Fisher Gallery

Location: 74 Shortland St

Contact email: gusfishergallery@auckland.ac.nz

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Exhibition opening: Friday 27 May, 5.30pm. 

Opening speaker: Gael Newton, Foundation Photography Curator Art Gallery of NSW and former Senior Curator of Photography National Gallery of Australia.

Exhibition will show until Saturday 2 July.
Gallery hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday 12pm - 4pm. 

Wooden architecture defines nineteenth and twentieth century building in Aotearoa. Laurence Aberhart celebrates the vernacular building material in an exhibition supplemented with wooden exhibits and displays on the conservation of trees. In association with McNamara Gallery Photography.

Public Programme: Saturday 28 May, 1pm
Kauri have long been an important part of the history of our country, contributing not only to the economic development but also to our creative output. Join The Kauri Project curators Chris McBride and Ariane Craig-Smith along with Dr. Nick Waipara, Principal Advisor Biosecurity for Auckland Council, to discuss the story of kauri, kauri dieback disease and what it means for the future of our relationship with this taonga tree.
Following the talk (weather permitting) meet at 2.45pm at Arataki Visitors Centre, Scenic Drive, for a field-trip walk to the kauri grove at the lower end of the Arataki Nature Trail walk. 

Auckland Festival of Photography

This exhibition is presented as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography

Photo of a wooden barn.
Laurence Aberhart: Church, Maraeroa, Hokianga Harbour, Northland, 2nd May 1982