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21 September 2016 - 01 October 2016

Venue: Gus Fisher Gallery

Location: 74 Shortland St

Contact email: gusfishergallery@auckland.ac.nz

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Eccentric eschatology, ethical activism and canonical central core imagery: each of these three Louise Menzies works re-articulates an existing statement, but from far-flung locations on the spectra of anonymity and credibility. Careful variations on the facsimile bring into alignment here a self-published diagram from a New England archive, a spray-painted graffito from earthquake-damaged central Christchurch and an oil painting by "the Mother of American modernism".

Diagram #2 is one of 18 works Menzies made in response to the Thomas J. Dodd Research Centre’s Alternative Press Collection while she was artist in residence at the University of Connecticut in 2014. Untitled (Veganism) remakes an element of Christchurch’s damaged central city from a photograph included in World, Business, Lifestyle, Sport, 2013, the first show to be held at the Physics Room on its reopening after the city’s earthquakes. Georgia, Alice, Linda, Louise is a garment worn by the Gus Fisher Gallery staff for the duration of the exhibition, reprising scarves Menzies has shown previously in Another Way There, TCB, Melbourne, 2009, and Kūrinys balkonui, CAC, Vilnius, 2014. 

Gallery hours

Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 12pm - 4pm