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11 November 2016 - 17 December 2016

Venue: Gus Fisher Gallery

Location: 74 Shortland St, Auckland Central

Toby Raine

Exhibition opening

Friday 11 November, 5.30pm

Marking the conclusion of Toby Raine's doctoral studies at Elam School of Fine Arts, the solo exhibition ManCrush celebrates the male icon, not as a patriarchal form of oppression or chauvinism, but a tribute to maleness, a subject seemingly unfavourable today. The Beard Portraits included in his show relate to the father, the magician, the rock god, the messiah, the prophet and the pride of facial hair that is part of the primary composition of the male sex. Raine also investigates identity considering the primordial or the predecessor, investigating how men fashion their masculinity on historic examples. He reflects on influential and infamous artists and musicians, and how their image and ego affect his own identity. ManCrush is a tongue in cheek tribute to maleness and his own personal elevation, placing himself among the 'greats'. 

Gallery hours

Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 12pm - 4pm