Elam Art Stories at Auckland Lantern Festival 2017 Event as iCalendar

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09 February 2017 - 12 February 2017

4 - 10:30pm

Venue: Auckland Domain - near the food stalls

Location: Park Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1010

Host: Elam School of Fine Arts and ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development)

Cost: Free

Contact email: creative@auckland.ac.nz

Website: Auckland Lantern Festival


Elam School of Fine Arts invites you to the Auckland Lantern Festival to experience a collection of visual stories that illuminate the creative connections between artists in New Zealand and the People's Republic of China. 


Food on paper. After Dinner Shu Fa at Cricket Pavilion. Photographer unknown. Image courtesy of the Yangjiang Group, reproduced from the “If you were to live here…” publication.


Yangjiang Group | 5th Auckland Triennial, George Fraser Gallery, 2013.

The University's George Fraser Gallery played host to the Yangjiang Group during the 5th Auckland Triennial in 2013; a three month city-wide programme of exhibitions and events by over 30 local and international creatives, in partnership with world renowned curator Hou Hanru and the Auckland Art Gallery.

George Fraser Gallery provides opportunities for Elam's emerging artists to gain experience in curatorial processes, exhibition design and promotion. During the Triennial, Elam students worked alongside the Yangjiang artists – Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan and Sun Qinglin – to construct a site-specific artwork, reflecting ideas of habitat, locality and community.

The students' contribution supported the art collective's practice, based in Guangdong Province, which frequently gives special attention to the relationship between the artwork, the audience, and the gallery space.

Purple sky with green hill landscape. Jin Jiangbo, Silent.


Jin Jiangbo | Silent, 2011.

Jin Jiangbo is one of China's foremost contemporary artists and scholars in the field of new media. Jin is Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Shanghai Academy of Fine Art, Shanghai University and Executive Director of Shanghai University's Public Art Coordination Centre. In 2011 Jin visited the University of Auckland as a guest scholar and later worked with Elam staff and students in Shanhgai as a part of Design Shanghai 2013, an exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA).

Jin Jiangbo is currently represented in Auckland by Starkwhite alongside reputable New Zealand artists including Elam staff and alumni Billy Apple, Martin Basher, Gavin Hipkins, Richard Maloy, Seung Yul Oh, Fiona Pardington and Jim Speers.

A man wearing a hat standing near a river. Still from Mr Kang, 6 minute colour digital loop, 1 screen of 5 within Let the Water Flow, a video installation, 2016.


Xian Chang Bian (Field Recordings Collective)| Let the Water Flow, 2016.

"Margins are not just found on the periphery. Sometimes they exist in the very heart of a bustling metropolis."

Shanghai Rivers charts the unstable existence of migrant workers aboard boats and along the banks of the Suzhou and Chang Jiang, (Yangzte) rivers. The selected still image is taken from the multi-channel film Let the Water Flow. The film explores the Chinese understanding of the relations between man and environment, life and water, while also offering vignette field studies that reveal on a personal level the tenuous relationships workers have within a globalising economy.

Field Recordings is a documentary collective made up of five artists - Jim Speers, Li Xiaofei, Tracey Guo, Clinton Watkins and Tu Neill - who as a group have primarily worked and exhibited in the People's Republic of China. Let the Water Flow was the first outcome of their investigation into the social geography of Shanghai and was exhibited in the exhibition Tell Me A Story: Locality and Narrative at Shanghai's Rockbund Museum in 2016. 

Photocollage of various banners and tents on a construction site. Kate Woods, Burning Event, Xiamen Dada.


Kate Woods | Burning Event, Xiamen Dada, 2013.

Kate Woods holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam and works primarily in constructed photography and video. Having exhibited in artist-run spaces, dealer and public galleries including Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts (Auckland), XYZ Collective (Tokyo) and City Gallery (Wellington), Kate was awarded an artist residency at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing in 2012. The residency was supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation who offer a range of funding and professional development opportunities for arts professionals.

Kate was fascinated by the path of contemporary art in the People's Republic of China. During her residency, her research resulted in constructed photographs recreating the documentation of the Xiamen Dada art group's happenings from the mid-1980s, which incorporated influences of East and West re-sited in contemporary Beijing. 


A girl and a group of friends having a picnic in Auckland Domain. Zihan Chang, Luncheon on the Grass.


Zihan Chang | Luncheon on the Grass, 2016.

Having worked as a professional photographer in Beijing, Zihan Chan recently completed a Master of Fine Arts at Elam and continues to practise in photography and film-making.

This project was exhibited in 2016 at the annual Elam Grad Show and references Edouard Manet’s work of the same title. It explores Zihan's fascination with late nineteenth-century arts, including poetry, painting, photography and early cinema, whilst finding the opportunity to renew these ideas by having them viewed from another angle. 

Hands of a young woman holding a brick, sitting next to a elderly woman. Wanshi Meng, The Lady, me and Brick.


Wanshi Meng | The Lady, me and Brick, 2016.

Wanshi Meng recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam. Her work explores broad themes around culture and social issues through humour and the absurd. For her final year, Wanshi documented the process of a performance work in which she carried a brick from her current home in Auckland back to her old home in the People's Republic of China. The brick becomes a holder of information; a souvenir through which she expresses and shares experiences of her present with her past.

Illustration of a girl in with black hair in a red dress. Dorothy Shan, Repeated Observations.


Dorothy Shan | Repeated Observations, 2016.

Dorothy Shan recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam where she combined her passion for drawing and a keen interest for observations from everyday life. Her inspiration comes from her strolling on city streets, and this work translates the charming little gestures made by a girl. Dorothy says "When this girl stands, her back is a little bent. When she opens her hand, the knuckles are protruding…these tiny details are all around us and makes up everyone’s life, and also my drawings."


Abstract paint strokes in red, blue, yellow, orange, green. Yan Wu, Untitled.


Yan Wu | Untitled, 2016.

Yan Wu recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Elam. Yan's artistic process is as important as the final painting. Liberating the canvas from the frame, a variety of tools ranging from wooden cubes, sponges and humble fingers create whimsical gestures that enable the eye to move along with the rhythmic line, colours and textures of the composition.