Raising the Bar Event as iCalendar

(Creative Events, Dance Studies, Music)

29 August 2017

Venue: TBC


20 talks | 10 bars | 1 night

20 University of Auckland academics hit the city's bar scene to deliver an evening of stimulating speeches, including three of our own faculty faces.

Brought to New Zealand for the first time by the University of Auckland, Raising the Bar is a worldwide initiative to bring knowledge to a city’s nightlife.
The event will feature 20 talks at 10 inner-city Auckland bars by top University of Auckland academics. Topics range from how to teach kids about terrorism to how to build pop songs.
Similar events have already been held in New York, Hong Kong, London and Melbourne.
Registrations for this unique event open on July 20 and the public are urged to get in early to secure a bar stool at one or more of the venues.

Visit the Raise the Bar website to sign up for news and updates including a link to registrations once they open.


Davinia Caddy

A View to a Kill | The Death of the Music Critic
Senior Lecturer, Music
Venue: Mezze Bar, 8pm


Exploring the so-called ‘death’ of the professional music critic, in response to the influence of social media, digital technologies, celebrity culture and Bond, James Bond. With reference to a range of musical examples, investigating how the business of music criticism has developed over the years, and how we all might become better arm-chair critics; more intuitive, intent and imaginative.


Godfrey De Grut

How to Build Pop Songs
Professional Teaching Fellow in Music
Venue: The Golden Dawn, 6.30pm

Considering modern popular music and how composers successfully manipulate repetition, development, tension and release.




Carlene Newall de Jesus

Can't Dance / Won't Dance? Move your thinking!
Doctoral Candidate & Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dance Studies
Venue: Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen, 8pm

Ways dance can contribute to health, and the challenges of getting 'non-dancers' to bust a move!