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(Creative Events, Fine Arts)

16 September 2017

10am - 1pm


If you are ready to apply for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, we strongly encourage you to attend a portfolio workshop prior to submitting your application. During the application process you will be asked to provide a portfolio, which is a major component of your application. 

Your portfolio is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your suitablility and capacity to study at Elam School of Fine Arts, and should exhibit both scope and depth of your creative work, presenting prospective tutors with an insight of your ideas, practice, and potential.

At this workshop, our staff will talk you through how to best collate, present, and submit your portfolio as part of your application process.

To make the most of these sesssions, we recommend you to bring along physical copies of your own work in order to receive valuable feedback.




Saturday 16 September, 10am-1pm | Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre

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Courses and Careers Open Day: 1 hour portfolio workshops will be running throughout the day on Saturday 2 September, 2017.

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