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Creative Arts and Industries Print Centre

Big prints, low cost

The Creative Arts and Industries Print Centre is a unique large format print service available to students and staff across the whole University. There is a focus on fine art printing, however there is capacity for large poster printing also.

All information required to request a print is available here. Paper samples are available outside the print centre, in lab 526 and the Elam computer labs.

For all queries, please contact

Location and hours

Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Level 2, Architecture and Planning Building (Building 421)
26 Symonds Street
(behind the childcare centre)
Phone: 09 923 1773

The Print Centre is open 1pm - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Request a print

Print Centre Price List
(as at September 2016) (87.5 kB, PDF)

How to request a print:

  1. Top up your print account. Please top up your CAPS account - as you would for all printing on campus. Top up at any Jpos station on campus. Information on adding money to your print account can be found here. 
  2. Adding money to your print account: Put your files in the Digital Print Centre dropbox - Mac Dropbox or Windows Dropbox
    * Windows users for the time being please copy and paste the following into the 'Start' Menu: 

    (The start menu is on the computer not the web browser. Click the windows logo on the bottom of your screen and paste the link in the search area. If you have trouble finding the search area please ask your local IT helpdesk for support. The search area is likely to be identified by a magnifying glass icon. Drag and drop your file into the dropbox.)
  3. * Mac users for the time being please copy and paste the following link into the connect to server window:
    (To open the connect to server window please select and hold command k and click on the desktop or click on the desk top and find the go menu at the top of the screen and scroll down the menu until you find ‘connect to server’. Select connect to server and paste the link. Drag and drop your file into the dropbox.)
  4. Fill out one request form
Still stuck? Don't panic!
  • Sign in using your username and password. If you are using Mac OS, you will need to enter uoa\ before your username eg: uoa\student
  • Mac OS: select 'open with finder'
  • Please take care with this - files will be printed to these specifications alone. Missed information may result in your file not being printed.
  • You will be notified by email when your print job is completed. Jobs may not be printed if the file does not meet the specification listed above on this page, or if the request form is incomplete. 
  • ePOS stations on campus (the Elam library has an ePOS station)
  • Creative Arts and Industries studios and labs have a dropbox shortcut on the desktop. Look for the arrow icon called 'Dropboxes'. 
For further assistance, please contact the Digital Print Technician.

Please note: You must be connected to the UOA network to use the dropbox as a file delivery method.
If you are a staff member with VPN you must connect using the APN service to use the dropbox.
Please wait to receive confirmation your print has been completed. You can then collect your file from outside the Print Centre between 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday. 
Please be aware that this is a printing service only. We do not trim your prints. You may use the guillotine outside the Print Centre provided for this purpose. 

File specifications

Resolution: 300dpi
No layers: Files must by flattened and have no layers, paths or alpha channels
File format: TIFF, JPEG or PDF
Size: Max file size - 500MB
Colour mode: Adobe 1998
RGB: RGB files only - no CMYK
File delivery: All files are to be submitted to the Digital Print Centre dropbox folder

Appropriate file names are unique and identifiable. Please don’t name your file Print or Print 1 or anything similarly generic. Long numbers are also inappropriate. 



Epson Stylus Pro 7900: Fine art printing, Photos, high resolution images. Max width: 61cm

Epson Stylus Pro 9890: Fine art printing, Photos, high resolution images. Max width: 111.8cm

Epson Sure Colour: Ideal for poster printing and graphic work. Architectural designs and plans. Max roll width: 91.4cm

Custom Media

Please check the media type with the Print Technician before commencing. 

You will need to:

  • know the weight (gsm) of the paper. Paper should be between 100-300 gsm.
  • give a rough description of the type of paper.
  • know the exact measurements of the paper. 
  • provide the ICC colour profile for the paper you have chosen. 
    If you don't know the ICC colour profile for the paper you have chosen, you must be aware that the file may not print as it appears on screen. We suggest you do one or more test prints first. We have a range of ICC profiles provided by Epson that match our setup. You may be able to use one of these profiles for the paper you have provided, but in this case we will not provide a guarantee for this service. 
You will not be able to:
  • print on coated paper; matte paper only please. If you would like to use inkjet photo paper, please see the Print Technician first - this may be possible. 
  • print on both sides of the paper. 
How much will this cost?
You will be charged for the amount of ink used, which is registered by the printer. We will not give estimates for this service. You may wish to do a test print to give yourself a rough idea of the cost. The amount of ink used depends largely on how much the paper absorbs the ink, and the area of ink used to recreate the image. If you are printing different images, they will all vary, but you may be able to get a general idea by doing a test print. The Print Technician may as you to top up your print account before starting the job - this is not an estimate for the service; this is a precautionary measure. 

The minimum charge is $4.25 for 1ml of ink used. 

FAQs and helpful hints

Can I print without a border?
No, please take this into account when creating your image. Our default border/margin is 3.5mm. Please check the price list for the maximum width of each paper type. 

Can I print on both sides?
No, we do not offer this service. 

What is the smallest image I can print?
A2 or 59.5 x 42cm

How will I know when my print is ready?
You will receive an email from the Technician. 

Can I connect to the dropbox from home?
No, you must be connected to the UoA network to use the dropbox as a file delivery method. 

Can I connect to the dropbox from my laptop?
Yes, but you must use the UoA wifi, not the UoA guest wifi. 

The term A1 represents a paper size with dimension of approximately 594x841mm. A0 has twice that area. A2 has half the area of an A1. View a paper size chart

If you wish to print a large number of small images (smaller than A2), please format these into a single page. Either the Digital Print Technician or the IT Helpdesk can assist you with this. Please ensure that file formats are either TIF, JPG or PDF only. 

Please note: We print on rolls of paper, the widths are given above. If your printed area is less than the roll width of the paper you have chosen, the Print Technician will not cut your print to size for you. This is a printing service only. We do provide a sharp guillotine, which is set aside for our customers only.