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Carmo, Chiado e a Respublica Litteraria Carmo, Chiado e a Respublica Litteraria

Carmo, Chiado e a Respublica Litteraria

9 January - 24 February 2018

Lisboa / Portugal / Paris / France / Auckland / New Zealand / Grenade / Spain / Łódź / Poland


‘The Republic of Letters’ is an ideal republic, but also one which existed in reality in the late 17th and 18th centuries in Europe and America. It was an international community of scholars, philosophers and writers who exchanged thoughts, views, experiences and scientific discoveries through extensive correspondence, by which they transcended borders of states, nations and religions. Across all divisions an invisible network was created enabling a free exchange of thought between creators of culture.

Charmo, Chiado e a Respublica Litteraria continues this idea, featuring a group of artists from across the world – from Lisboa in Portugal, Paris in France, Grenade in Spain, Łódź in Poland, and Auckland in New Zealand. Their work serves as a ‘republic of letters’ (or a Respublica Litteraria), as a sharing ground in literature and politics for each artist’s potentially far reaching concerns. Each work has been developed and selected in relation to political concerns within the  artist’s respective country: colonisation/decolonisation, neoliberalism, mass-media influences, feminism, and related genealogies and whakapapa.

The Portugese word ‘Chiado’ can be seen to encapsulate the exhibition, referring to not only the physical location (Chiado Square in Lisboa) but as a point of gathering and united, shared experience. 


In addition to the exhibition is an accompanying same-titled book, in addition to symposia and performances in Paris, Lisboa, Granada and Auckland. 

Participating Artists:

Alicja Habisiak-Matczak/ Anna Kaczuba / Anna Świątek /Barbara Majkowska / Bethânia Sousa / Bilal
Camille Poulie / Carlos Henrich / Cássia Pires / Catarina Mendes / Chelsea Mortenson / Cherryl Brunel
Christina Houghton / Elsa Bruxelas / Emily Cloete and Tom Hackshaw / Camille Benarab-Lopez
 / Filipa Flores / Gaetan Lavoine / Gina Martins / Inês Viegas / Izabella Woźniak / Jeremy Leatinu'u / José Quaresma Juan Carlos Guadix / Julieanna Preston & Mick Douglas / Juliette Delecour / Léa Rivera / Léo Chesneau / Maria Albergaria / Maria Krasnodębska / Mark Harvey /Maxime Laguerre / Orlando Farya / Oskar Gorzkiewicz Paul Moragues / Sofia Campilho / Shannon Te Ao / Sylwia Jakubowska / Tomasz Matczak / Thomas Pierre Wernher Bouwens / Witold Warzywoda /Zizi Ramirez


Curated by José Quaresma


Coordination of exhibitions in each participating country:

Paris: Wernher Bouwens and Elsa Bruxelas

Auckland: Mark Harvey

Lisbon: José Quaresma

Łódz: Alcja Habisiak-Matczak