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Gus Fisher Gallery


The Third Space: Ambiguity in the Art of Graham Fletcher

2 March - 28 April

Mistinted patterns oscillate against a gridded background, while black and white wallflowers cling messily together. Figures lurk beneath a camouflage of Pasifika patterning, visible yet elusive. A slender statue freezes in the smooth modernist interior of a collector’s home. In the intersectional third space of Graham Fletcher’s paintings, a multiplicity of interpretations collide and fluctuate together. Framed by the artist’s multi-ethnic heritage, boundaries are challenged and unexpected encounters are constructed. The Third Space will survey works from across Fletcher’s oeuvre, demonstrating how he harnesses the ambiguous to bring together Pasifika culture and European art history in a cultural limbo.

This exhibition will aim to deconstruct the entangled web of cross-cultural negotiations and elusive patterning found across the artist’s artworks. Sculptural forms included in the show will harness the same mystical qualities present in Fletcher’s painted statues in modern interiors. Standing within the gallery, the viewer will find themselves in an intersecting cultural third space where themes can be negotiated and cultures can harmonise. 

Curated by Hannah Burgoyne. 

Alexis Neal and Elke Finkelbauer

4 May - 9 June

Exhibition from a student of ARTHIST734

4 - 19 May

School of Music

25 May - 9 June

Curated by Clovis McEvoy.

Simon Devitt's 10 Years of Student Award Photography

15 June - 28 July

Gordon Walters Photography

15 June - 28 July

Carol Brown Dance Symposium

9 - 20 July

Sandow Birk Trumpagruel Editions 

3 August - 15 September