Summer Research: Transference of Movement Vocabulary

02 February 2015

Vivian Aue is using his summer research scholarship to explore concepts around choreography and the transference of a 'movement vocabulary' from choreographer to dancer. As a choreographer, he noticed his all-male dance group did not perform the movements the way he himself did, as they all dance differently. His research will explore four different choreographic approaches, with the resulting piece, Stigmata, performed as part of Jabber, a triple-bill dance show by Bodyphonics Dance Company at the Auckland Fringe Festival 2015.

"I am super excited for Auckland Fringe and sharing what is in my brain and my dancers' brains. We are working extremely hard to produce an amazing show for your eyes and brains to enjoy."

To find out more about Stigmata visit the Facebook page:

Vivian is the recipient of the first choreographic scholarship with Vou, a Fijian dance company run by Dance Studies graduate Sachiko Soro. For six weeks throughout June and July, Vivian will further develop his choreographic skills and research in his focus area.