University artists feature in headland Sculpture on the Gulf

08 February 2017
Manuesina by Semisi Fetokai Potauaine

If you’re heading over to Waiheke Island and planning on walking this year’s sculpture trail, remember to look out for the artworks created by University of Auckland staff.

Senior Lecturer Jim Speers from Elam School of Fine Arts has teamed up with Tracey Guo from the Xian Chang Bian (Field Recordings) collective to produce an untitled work consisting of two signs located at the start and end of the walk. The work features lines from the deceased Chinese contemporary poet Gu Cheng who lived on Waiheke.

Also Semisi Fetokai Potauaine, a part-time teaching fellow from the School of Architecture & Planning, as well as an alumnus, has created an 14 metre high sculpture entitled Manuesina - white angel or white bird in proto polynesian, accordng to Semisi – constructed from environmentally friendly engineered polymer.

Many of this year’s selected artists are current students or alumni from Elam School of Fine Arts including Paul Dibble, Brett Graham, Natalie Guy, Dion Hitchens, Ioane Ioane, Jae Kang, Virginia King, Gregor Kregar, Maureen Lander, Martin Awa Clarke Langdon, Richard Maloy, Shannon Novak, Tiffany Singh, Sriwhana Spong and Jeff Thomson. Architecture alumnus Raimana Jones also has work in the show.

New Zealand’s foremost outdoor sculpture exhibition, headland Sculpture on the Gulf in on until Sunday 19 February.

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