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Do you want to study architecture, urban planning or urban design at New Zealand's leading university? NICAI's School of Architecture and Planning prepares you to work in a dynamic global environment, with constantly changing social needs, economic issues, and environmental challenges.

  • How to apply

    All the information you need to apply to study Architecture, Urban Planning or Urban Design at the University.

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Annual Events

Architect in Residence programme
The International Architect in Residence programme gives students the opportunity to work alongside globally significant architects to achieve an in-depth understanding of their approach and underlying ideas.

Fast Forward Lecture Series
Leading national and international practitioners in the fields of architecture, planning and urban design discuss their work.

Communiqué Lecture Series
Communiqué is an annual lecture series, hosted by the School of Architecture and Planning.

Take a tour of the School of Architecture and Planning
Come in and experience the world-class studios and facilities at the School of Architecture and Planning.

  • Election Debate 2014 (events-nicai, Architecture and Planning, Lectures) Event as iCalendar
    02 September 2014, 6pm
    Three weeks out from the General Election, leading politicians from the major parties will detail their vision for the future of Auckland’s housing.
  • Fast Forward: Andrew Leach (events-nicai, Architecture and Planning, Lectures) Event as iCalendar
    09 September 2014, 6pm
    The Gold Coast Moment – Professor Leach discusses this curious challenge to the role of architectural thought in the city.
  • Falling Together, Falling Apart, Falling About (events-nicai, Dance Studies, Architecture and Planning, Fine Arts, Music) Event as iCalendar
    10 September 2014 - 11 September 2014
    This two-day cross-disciplinary research lab explores the social, physical, metaphorical and psychological acts of falling.

For further information contact:
The University of Auckland Student Information Centre
Phone: 0800 61 62 63

School of Architecture and Planning

Building 421
Level 6, 26 Symonds St, Auckland

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