Communiqué Lecture Series

Communiqué is an annual lecture series, hosted by the School of Architecture and Planning in the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries at The University of Auckland. The program for each Communiqué series centers on issues relevant to architecture and planning, but intentionally seeks to present an expansive view on these subjects. Architecture and planning are spatial arts and as such, speakers are drawn from a wide range of disciplines, industries and practices that engage with spatial issues. Communiqué speakers are school staff and senior research students, as well as visiting professionals and academics from New Zealand and around the world. The theme for this year's series is 'A Place To Live: Housing in Auckland' and is being supported by Transforming Cities at the University of Auckland.

The lectures are free and open to the public.

Note: Some of the lecture dates in the 2014 Communique poster were incorrect. We apologise for this error. Please refer to the dates listed below.

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March 12   David Howell - Recent Works 6:30pm Engineering Lecture Theatre
March 20 Alan Johnson - The new politics of social housing
12pm Design Lecture Theatre
March 20 Brigitte Shim - Shifting Scales
6:30pm Engineering Lecture Theatre
March 26 Esa Laaksonen - Alvar Aalto’s Maison Carré / Archetypal Architecture 6:30pm Design Lecture Theatre
March 27 Jeremy Treadwell & Yun Sun - Rebuilding Tāne Whirinaki: A Digital Projection
12pm Design Lecture Theatre
April 10 Ngarimu Blair - From Maungakiekie Pa to Kupe Street
12pm Design Lecture Theatre
May 1 Larry Murphy - The Politics of Housing Affordability: Is Housing Supply the Answer? 12pm Design Lecture Theatre
May 20 Alejandro Haiek Coll - Public Machinery
6.30pm Engineering Lecture Theatre 439
May 8 Ann Dupuis and Penny Lysnar - Housing Choice: The Human Dimension
12pm Design Lecture Theatre
May 15 Scott Figenshow - Achieving 20 Percent by 2020: How is it Going to Happen?
12pm Design Lecture Theatre

General Info

Location Guide:

Design Lecture Theatre: Conference Centre, Building 423, 22 Symonds St. Auckland City

ENG 439: The University of Auckland,Engineering Lecture Theatre 439, Building 401, 20 Symonds Street, Auckland City

ENG 401: The University of Auckland, Eng 401: Engineering Lecture Theatre 401, Building 401, 20 Symonds Street, Auckland City