Elam Patrons and Friends

The Elam Patron Fund

Become a Patron of Elam and work with us to grow New Zealand’s art culture. While helping us you will also gain an insight into the School as it develops alongside the country’s visual arts culture. The Patrons of Elam group has been established to support the growth of new opportunities for learning within Elam School of Fine Arts. Being a Patron of Elam will place you on the inside of our creative institution. Being a member will enable you to meet artists in their studios, view special exhibitions, and preview of the work of our emerging artists.
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Elam School of Fine Arts Student Support Fund

Michael Parekowhai, The Horn of Africa, 2006

With your support Elam will go to new places, providing unique experiences for learning and opportunities to understand what it means to be a New Zealand artist in the world. For example, the support fund will be used to facilitate study tours and collaborative engagements with the international art community. It will also enable Elam to provide assistance to ensure equitable opportunities for all as well as making it possible to provide for students in situations of hardship.

Elam students are more and more visible in the world. They are exhibiting internationally, taking leadership roles in the creative sector and representing New Zealand at the highest levels. With your help we would like to ensure our students become significant and productive artists and maintain this tradition. Artists draw strength from their environment. We hope you are able to support us to do more.
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Friends of Elam

Please become a Friend of Elam and enjoy an ongoing involvement with the School. You will be kept up-to-date with information about exhibitions, publications and opportunities to meet our staff and students. We would invite you in turn to share your resources with us, whether it is your time, your expertise, your connections or financial support.
Contact Elam School of Fine Arts to find out more about becoming a Friend of Elam:
Phone: +64 9 923 8000
Email: elamoffice@auckland.ac.nz