School of Music staff


We understand that decisions about where to study music are often based upon the calibre of the teachers and the teacher-student relationship. Below is a list of available instrument and performance teachers by discipline. You are invited to contact staff directly for any queries you may have. 


Rachel Fuller - accompanist, vocal coach

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Dr Te Oti Rakena - voice

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Dr Karen Grylls - choir, choral conducting

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Kay Shacklock - accompanist


Jennifer Seddon-Mori - piccolo

Michael Jamieson - classical saxophone

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Laurence Reese - timpani

Eric Renick - percussion


Early Music

Peter Reid - cornetto

Polly Sussex - viola da gamba

Huw Dann - baroque trumpet

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Dr Marie Ross - historical clarinets

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James Tibbles - early keyboards

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Dr Graham McPhail - baroque violin

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Jessica Shaw - recorder

Sally Tibbles - baroque flute


Contemporary Music

Dr John Coulter - sonic arts

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Dr Eve de Castro-Robinson - composition 

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Dr Leonie Holmes - composition

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Jazz and Popular Music

Mike Booth - jazz trumpet

Nathan Haines - jazz saxophone

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Caroline Manins - jazz voice

Chris O'Connor - jazz drums

Grant Winterburn - jazz and popular music piano

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Godfrey De Grut - popular music piano

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Dr Olivier Holland - jazz bass

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Roger Manins - jazz saxophone

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Phil Broadhurst - jazz piano

Kiri Eriwata - popular music vocals

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Kevin Haines - jazz bass

Dixon Nacey - jazz guitar

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Neil Watson - jazz and popular music guitar