AHRC 2016 Electronic Paper Repository

Electronic Paper Repository

This ePapers repository is for papers presented at the AHRC2016 conference. It is an Open Access repository, aiming to make the material available to the widest possible audience. This ePapers repository contains material that has not been through a formal peer-review process. Copyright remains with the author/s.

Presenter Conference Paper Title Link to Paper
Duncan, Anne Findings from the BRANZ 2015 New Home Owner's Satisfaction Survey Paper
Johnson, Alan A Policy of Cynical Neglect: The slow demise of the Accommodation Supplement Paper

Khajehzadeh, Iman

and Vale, Brenda

Large Housing in New Zealand: Are bedroom and room standards still good definitions of New Zealand house size? Paper
Minnery, John Ideas, Interests and Institutions in Affordable Housing: A case study of the Brisbane Housing Company Paper
Page, Ian Construction Quality in New Housing Paper
Vale, Brenda and Khajehzadeh, Iman The Environmental Impact of the Way Residential Parking Facilities are used in New Zealand Paper
Vale, Brenda and Khajehzadeh, Iman Time Use and Resource Use in Private Open Space in New Zealand Paper

Links to Published Papers

Presenter Conference Paper Title Link to Publication
Baker, Tom  ‘Housing First’ And The Changing Terrains Of Homeless Governance Paper
Doyle, Eimear The Houses We Live In: Perceptions of Housing Quality in 2014/15 Paper
Lysnar, Penny Meeting the Needs of Multi-Generational Households Paper