Research Projects 2010

Active transport to reduce carbon emissions in Auckland: Health effects, equity, barriers and facilitators


Principal Investigator: Tricia Austin (Architecture and Planning)
Associate Professor Niki Harré (Psychology)
Dr Quentin Atkinson (Psychology)
Dr Graeme Lindsay (Population Health)
Dr Jamie Hosking (Population Health)
Dr Alexandra Macmillan (Population Health)
Dr James Woodcock (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Tania Utley (Architecture and Planning)

This project used Vibat Auckland, a transport carbon emissions model calibrated for Auckland in a research partnership with researchers at Oxford University. It started by identifying the desired reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for Auckland by 2041 and the modelling the likely impacts of policies that could be implemented to achieve the targets.

This research aimed to:

  • identify and model the health benefits of walking and cycling
  • understand the behavioural changes required for the diverse populations in Auckland to take up more active transport modes
  • understand the equity and health equity implications

Anchor organisations, sustainability and new forms of leadership in transforming Auckland


Principal Investigators: Professor Larry Murphy (Property) and Dr Nick Lewis (School of Environment)
Professor Richard Le Heron (School of Environment)
Professor Brad Jackson (Leadership Institute, School of Business)
Dr Charotte Šunde (Transforming Cities, Research Fellow in Planning)

This project investigated cross-organisational leadership initiatives among key economic actors (both public and private) with long term and defining commitments to Auckland. A sustainable future for Auckland must draw on a  transformational political economy that is embedded in, and responsive to, its communities and environments. The team believes we need to actively engage alongside these actors in new ways to imagine and build a transformational Auckland.

The place of diverse ethnic communities and business innovation in transforming Auckland

Principal Investigator: Professor Robin Kearns (School of Environment) and Professor Hugh Whittaker (Management and International Business, NZ Asia institute)
Dr Wardlow Friesen (School of Environment)
Professor Manying Ip (Asian Studies)

This project asked the question: How does the contemporary ethnic diversity of Auckland promote positive socio-economic transformation of the city, enhance economic innovation, and foster engagement between New Zealand and Asia? The research team investigated Chinese and Indian businesses in Auckland and examined how their ‘host’ neighbourhoods think and feel about them; for example, in terms of employment, access to goods and services, and community engagement.


Transforming Auckland into a bicycle friendly city


Principal Investigator: Dr Judith Wang (Energy Centre)
Dr Andrea Raith (Department of Engineering Science)
Dr Hugh Byrd (School of Architecture and Planning)

This project received seeding funds to look at why cycling in Auckland is lower than the national average and aimed to find out what puts people off bicycling and what encourages them. Researchers looked to international cities like Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany to see what Auckland can learn from their experience. This project is extended in the 2011 funding round "Transforming Auckland’s transportation system into a resilient, environmentally-friendly and health-enhancing system with a spatial decision support system".