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Exterior of architecturally designed Ironbank building in Auckland used for commercial and retail

The University of Auckland is pleased to announce the establishment of the Urban Research Network. 

Urban research expertise and strength is currently reflected in a number of research centres, units and researchers across many disciplines at the University of Auckland. The broad aim of the Urban Research Network is to promote the University of Auckland as a leader in urban research to a variety of external organisations in the public and private sectors, both national and international, by making more visible the expertise and scholarship that exists among our researchers and research organisations. The Network builds on the Thematic Research Initiative: Transforming Cities, which has established a collaborative pan-University research community, connecting national and international tertiary institutions, government agencies and industry bodies. The Urban Research Network will enhance and extend these achievements by promoting this expertise, and potential new trans-disciplinary and institutional collaborations. These opportunities will also be expanded through collaboration with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Strategic Engagement and the resources of Uniservices.

The Urban Research Network thus aims to:

  • Establish the University of Auckland as New Zealand's leading urban research organisation by providing a unified network connecting scholarship, research and expertise across the University with external demand from local, national and international organisations, including local and central government, industry, community groups and Māori.
  • Work in partnership with key decision makers enabling research, scholarship and expertise to inform policy and investment decisions taken by key decision makers in the public and private sectors.
  • Coordinate and connect external research needs with internal scholarship and expertise across the University.
  • Enhance the University's success in external research funding in urban research areas, such as the current National Science Challenges, MBIE, HRC, BRANZ and Marsden Grants, and international research bids.
  • Contribute to achieving the University's key strategic objectives for research.

The Urban Research Network is housed in the School of Architecture and Planning, part of the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries.


General enquiries can be directed to urbanresearch@auckland.ac.nz


Physical Location:
Level 4, Room 422 and 424, Building 421, University of Auckland,
Architecture and Planning,
26 Symonds Street, Auckland Central

Postal Address:
Urban Research Network,
C/- School of Architecture and Planning
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142