Our faculty is a national leader in research and research policy in the creative arts and industries. It acts as a hub for collaboration between researchers in the creative disciplines within the University and in the wider community, exploring and developing diverse forms of creative practice, media and modes of expression.


  • Interdisciplinary research

    Many faculty staff and postgraduate students work collaboratively on interdisciplinary research projects. Read about some of them here.

  • Architecture and Planning research

    The School of Architecture and Planning is a vibrant centre for advanced multidisciplinary study and research, attracting local and international researchers.

  • Dance Studies research

    Dance Studies research covers a variety of disciplinary fields, with many staff and postgraduate students incorporating practice as a research methodology.

  • Fine Arts research

    Staff and postgraduate student research at Elam includes painting, sculpture, sound installation, photography, design, film and video.

  • Music research

    Music staff and postgraduate students carry out a range of research projects in musicology, music analysis, biographical studies, performance and composition styles. 

  • Research at the Centre for Art Research

    Research projects showcased by the Centre for Art Research include art and architectural exhibitions and written works on an eclectic variety of topics in architecture, art and design.