Apply for a doctorate

Apply for a Doctorate

Important: If you are applying for doctoral study in Architecture, Planning or Urban Design you must complete the specific School of Architecture and Planning Statement of Research Intent template below, rather than the form above.

To apply for a doctorate at Creative Arts and Industries, you will need to first complete and submit an Application for Admission (AFA) online. Your AFA gives us the information we need to assess you as a potential doctoral candidate and to advise you appropriately.

Preparation for submission of an application for admission (AFA)

Please read the relevant programme information at the links below, before you start to write your online application.

You will also need to have the following information to hand, including some documents in electronic format ready for uploading:

  • your IELTS, TOEFL and TWE test scores if you have taken such tests within the last two years
  • relevant academic reports – GPA B+
  • two letters of academic recommendation from your previous professors
  • curriculum vitae and/or resume (optional)
  • Statement of Research Intent – you'll need to write a 1000-word summary of your intended topic of interest for doctoral study, including your reasons for choosing this topic and an explanation of what you hope to achieve during your studies at The University of Auckland.

You must consult the University of Auckland calendar to ensure that you are eligible for entry into the doctoral course of study you are considering.

See the University of Auckland Calendar
Complete your AFA

The relevant postgraduate adviser may also contact you directly after your research topic is submitted to request additional information (or, for some programmes, a Supplementary Application).