2017 Summer Scholarships

In late 2016, 25 students were awarded Summer Scholarships to undertake research projects and develop their research skills during the 2016-2017 summer months. The scholarship winners below worked with their supervisors on a diverse range of artistic, musical, dance-related and architectural projects.

Architecture and Planning
Kun Ding Digital Matter: Development of Navigation Tools in Tangible Data Space (An Interdisciplinary CAI Project to Explore Data as New Material).
Huiyu Jiang This research will look at the changes in lifestyle of Auckland citizens as they adapt to living in a medium to high-density neighbourhood.
Jayshree Keshav A critical study of Auckland Council’s planning practices; challenging the current Auckland CBD Master Plan by incorporating a transdisciplinary approach to develop insurgent planning practices that can improve how we respond to the built environment.
Bree Meyers To research and write a conference paper on the design and reception of the University of Auckland’s Clocktower Building built in the 1920s.
Damien Perry Tiny House Movement: A 'New' New Zealand typology?
Emma Ryder Apartment Living: An evaluation of the social quality of Outdoor Communal Spaces for the future Auckland.
Xi Shao Investigating robotically assisted processes for positioning and joining of composite elements.
Dance Studies
Yoonha Jang How do teachers foster inclusion at the community center in Chiangrai Thailand at the beginning of a creative dance workshop and how can this inform my own teaching practice within this cross-cultural context?
Zoe Nicholson Interpreting and analysing different choreographic methods through movement-initiated writing.
Jasmin 'Ofamo'oni Bridging the gap; Understanding Maori and Pacific Island males experiences of dance and encouraging the transition from secondary school into further education. 
Kisha September Time scarcity and choreographic practice: The effects of limited time upon creative contributions within a collaborative choreographic process.
Fine Arts
Rachel Ashby Manifesto for the Fractured Now: exploring youth online identities amid contemporary political rupture.
Adam Ben-Dror To develop a prototype input sensing sculpture in collaboration with Simon Ingram to be exhibited first at Elam's project space and later at The Suter Gallery (Nelson), Te Uru and the Christchurch Art Gallery.
Sholto Buck Fixed Unfixed: Wind as Allegory for Queer Agency and Ways of Being.
Quishile Charan Continual affects of Indentured Labour on Indo-Fijians.
Emelia French An exploration of the human existence: Self-historicisation and presentation. 
Kirsty Mcneil "Negotiating the public in public art."
Jerome Ngan-Kee ('Self-constituted') artists methods and(/as) educational platforms.
Natasha Priddle Pure Data and Max Msp: as interfaces for Arduino technology.
Liza-Marie Savage Experimental video work focussing on the perception of 'selves', the female body, motherhood, and the everyday.
Yvonne Shaw A curatorial project showcasing the work of current early-career artists who use text and image within their practice.
Anita Austin Background study for creating a resource kit to teach the key concepts of trumpet to 5-7 year olds using age appropriate strategies.
Anna Cooper Beginner Flute Method Books: A Critical Analysis.
Clovis McEvoy Research into the integration of virtual reality headsets and 3D sound modelling for use in sonic arts composition.
Ivan Mouraviev Playing with performance - Towards a "Performative" Understanding of Music in Video Games.