2018 Summer Scholarships

In late 2017, 27 students were awarded Summer Scholarships to undertake research projects and develop their research skills during the 2017-2018 summer months. The scholarship winners below worked with their supervisors on a diverse range of artistic, musical, dance-related and architectural projects.

Architecture and Planning
Ashleigh-Simone Darroch The benefit of Architectural exhibitions in today's practice.
Zhu Guo Augmented and virtual realities in robotics
Cameron Spicer Investigations into Robotically Fabricated Composite Structures
Kavita Sharma An Investigative Study of the influence of Michel Foucault on Architectural discourse Responses/developments/critiques.
Brae Wingate Architecture at the Crossroads
Jin Woo Kuk Future city and the metamorphosis of the mall: How a new transductive meta-public space and playful experiential involvement of prosumers relate to a production of high-quality meta-public spaces. A project for the Centenary of the School of Architecture and Planning.
Jane Waterhouse Auckland’s successful public space: the contemporary transformation of socio-spatial interaction in major public nodes of the city studied through social media
Milind Goel To look at ‘what has emerged’ in the urban landscape of Christchurch CBD after the 2011 earthquake in order to understand the potential of the landscape for future changes.
Anuja Raju The Smart Module – Modularity in Energy Ecology and Sustainable Development
Surita Manoa To compile information for a history of the first fifty years of the Auckland Architecture Association
Dance Studies
Yin Chi Lee Wu: An inter-cultural performance research project in search of deeper connections between Chinese Wushu and Western Contemporary Dance. How can wushu offer contemporary dancers wider physical and cognitive possibilities to enhance their dance and choreographic practices?
Emma Cosgrave Feeling feelings: An exploration of how emotions effect dancers’ creative contributions within choreographic collaboration
Keretina Hakaraia This research focuses on working with a quantitative and qualitative observational measure as part of a dance and wellbeing project
Odessa Grayson I aim to create choreographic movement based around the ways in which cultural assumptions around females roles might enable or hinder artistry
Adrienne Tucker Improvisation through the screen: How do 18-22 year olds within the Auckland region experience improvisation within dance video?
Fine Arts
Albert Ashton Presenting indigenous history: A research of korowai Maori cloaks in local and international museology
Hae Yeon Hong Painting Chit-Chat: testing the ‘New Sincerity’ within the expanded field of painting.
Rozana Lee Reframing Travel: The Notion of Foreignness as Universal Aspect in Contemporary Nomadic Condition.
Bronte Perry To examine through an installation based practice, the historical and contemporary conceptions of assimilation and its relationship to nationalism through the construction of the Tarara identity within both the Te Tai Tokerau and wider New Zealand society.
Tuan Sadikeen Dummy Specifications - drawing a time-image
Christopher Young A photographic project which explores the landscapes of my personal history focusing on the geography of colour in past and present-day South Africa.
Lyndon Alford Research into the composition and performance of contemporary choral repertoire with live electronic processing.
Michaela Cornelius Assessing creativity and the compositional process within informational limitations in contemporary music composition.
Modi Deng This is at base a methodological project that seeks to integrate the sub-disciplines of music theory historical-cultural studies and performance research in order to identify and further explore a range of interpretive possibilities for the performance of Maurice Ravel’s suite of three poems Gaspard de la Nuit (1908).
Lucy Li Joe Hisaishi's use of musical leitmotifs in Studio Ghibli animation films: a multi-media analysis
Kirsten Strom My project investigates a multimedia language of gesture in live electronics art music through a set of compositional studies on violin and live electronics with gesture-responsive image projection towards a performance in the School of Music Theatre and its specific requirements.
Garling Wu Research into the integration of interactive installations in a 3-dimensional sound environment for use in sonic arts composition.