Applying to Creative Arts and Industries

Creative Arts and Industries welcomes applications from school leavers, students transferring from other tertiary institutions, mature students and international students.

Admission to our progammes will be based on both your academic qualifications and your aptitude for study in the creative disciplines we offer. For some of our programmes, there are additional requirements such as a portfolio or audition. Follow the three-step process below to apply for your chosen programme(s).

Application process


Scholarships, prizes and awards

There are various scholarships and awards available to help finance your studies. Some of these are open to all areas of study and others are specifically for the study disciplines within the faculty.

We have four new University of Auckland scholarships for students starting undergraduate studies in 2017.

In addition to scholarships which are open across the wider University, there are also awards and prizes for Māori and Pacific and international students.

For a full list of the scholarships available to prospective students, eligibility and application details, please see the main University web page: Scholarships and awards

There are also a number of additional scholarships available to provide ongoing financial support in subsequent years of study, as well as annual prizes awarded for excellence in a particular field.