Urban Planning

Here you'll find info about the Tuākana support available to Urban Planning students at The University of Auckland.

Tuākana mentor

Himani Bhatia

Namaste, my name is Himani Bhatia and I am currently in my last year of study in a Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours). I was born in India, but was raised in and have lived all my life in New Zealand — hence I am a proud Kiwi.

New Zealand is a country where acceptance, tolerance and diversity are natural traits. Urban planning therefore has a crucial role in providing all the basic needs and amenities for these diverse cultures who live, work and play very differently.

I chose to become a planner because I wanted to be in a field where I could make a positive difference in the way people lead their lives. I believe that there is plenty of scope for Māori and Pacific worldviews to be incorporated into the planning system of New Zealand. I therefore look forward to working with all of you, to come up with various ways and skills to becoming great planners.

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi
With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive!

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Tuākana Room

The Creative Arts and Industries Tuākana Room is Room 220 of the Architecture and Planning Building (421) and is available for Māori and Pacific Island Urban Planning students to use for study and relaxation.

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Tuākana workshops

Tuākana workshops are designed for Māori and Pacific students of Urban Planning. They are held by the Tuākana mentor for Urban Planning (see above). All our mentors are high-achieving Māori and/or Pacific students who have taken your courses, know how to get good grades and are dedicated to helping you achieve them. Not only are they clever, but they are also friendly and supportive – they are easy to approach and happy to advise you about your courses.

Tuākana workshops are run in addition to the compulsory tutorials and lectures that you enrol in through SSO. If you are a Māori or Pacific student taking a course for which workshops are run, you are strongly encouraged to attend your compulsory tutorials and lectures as well as your Tuākana workshops.

If you have any questions about Tuākana workshops for Urban Planning, please contact Himani.

Semester One

Workshops for   Tutor
URBPLAN 101 Introduction to Urban Planning                              Himani
URBPLAN 102 Urban Planning Economics Himani
URBPLAN 103 Introduction to Visual Literacy and Research Skills Himani
URBPLAN 110 Urban Planning Studio One Himani
URBPLAN 202 Urban Planning Implementation and Law Himani

Semester Two

Workshops for   Tutor
URBPLAN 104 Introduction to Urban Planning Law and Governance Himani
URBPLAN 105 Urban Environment Issues Himani
URBPLAN 111 Urban Planning Studio Two Himani

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If you are a Māori or Pacific student at any level in Urban Planning, please join our Facebook group. The Facebook group provides a positive and supportive community where students can share information, ask and answer questions and build friendships with one another. Himani is an active member and uses the group to post reminders, supplement Tuākana workshops and respond to students’ questions.

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