Dr Simon Alexander Ingram

DocFA, MA, PGDip, Trans Cert, BFA

Research | Current

Simon Ingram's work exists in the situations and painted outcomes of a collaboration between the artist, an apparatus, and our life world.

His new research extends the emergent procedural logic of his earlier work with artificial life into artificial intelligence to develop a collaborative robot. This work is being done in the context of the Creative Thinking Project with Mark Sagar and his BabyX AI framework, and, in a separate project involving vision with computer science.

Past work includes the Radio Paintings which materialise unseen forces from the ground, the atmosphere, space, which are collected via the antennae he constructs and connects to his machines. The Geometries see him engaging in the studio with his machines' identity as a fellow artist. Bugs, faults and painterly tendencies brought about by the electronic-mechanic materialisation of standard forms (circle, square, triangle) and regular all-over compositions (the grid, the scribble) are negotiated in a series of creative acts. The Random Walks walks employ an artificial life inspired algorithm used elsewhere to model the path of a foraging animal, the behaviour of gas or fluctuation of stocks, to make paintings which model a sense of the plan emerging from the unplanned and vice versa.

Teaching | Current

Year 2 painting

Supervision of MFA and doctoral candidates

Postgraduate supervision

Doctoral supervisions:

Martin Basher
Yolunda Hickman
Julian KcKinnon
Sriwhana Spong


  • Best doctoral thesis award for the doctoral project entitled "Painting as a Machine." The University of Auckland, 2007


Programme leader MFA second year

Areas of expertise

  • Experimental painting
  • Early computer art
  • Machines
  • Self-organising systems
  • Radio devices
  • Data visualisation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Studies of the brain

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Post-graduate committee (Elam)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Ingram, S. A. Random Walk GeometriesHebel 121, Basel, Switzerland. 13/6/2015 - 8/8/2015 Related URL.
  • Ingram, S. A. Paintings of the SunGow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, NZ. 29/4/2015 - 23/5/2015
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/32325
  • Barton, C. (Ed.) (2014). Simon Ingram: Painting Machines 2005-2014. Kerber Verlag. Pages: 152. Related URL.
  • Ingram, S. A. Radio Painting Station [Galvinised steel sheet, cable, radio receiver, computer, solar panels, 6 volt batteries, robotic painting machine, 30 canvases] Kingsland, Auckland. 15/1/2014 - 31/12/2014 Related URL.
  • Ingram, S. A. Studio Situation in the group exhibition entitled As Many Structures As I Can [Oil on plastic sheet, pine, masking tape, gaffer tape], The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Related URL.
  • Ingram, S. A. Interview with a Painting [Acrylic on linen] 26 Lorne Street, Auckland, New Zealand. 10/7/2013 - 28/7/2013 Related URL.
  • Ingram, S. A. Smoking BoltsArtspace, Sydney. 2/5/2013 - 16/6/2013 Related URL.
  • Ingram, S. A. Energy Transference (a commissioned work for the exhibition CONTACT. ARTISTS FROM AOTEAROA/NEW ZEALAND 
curated by Dr Leonhard Emmerling) [Wood, plastic, oil paint, differing tapes] Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany. 5/10/2012 - 25/11/2012 Related URL.

Contact details

Primary location

ELAM B - Bldg 113
Level 2, Room 202
New Zealand