Dr Mohsen Mohammadzadeh

BSc, MA, PhD

Research | Current

Critical Urban Theory - Society of Control 

Urban Discontent and Planning

Smart City and the Ethics of Big Data

Driverless Cars and their impacts on the built environment   

Teaching | Current

URBPLAN103 -  Introduction to Visual Literacy and Research Skills

URBPLAN201 - Urban Policy Analysis

URBPLAN705 - Sustainable Infrastructure Planning

URBPLAN734 -  E-Governance, Smart City and the Ethics of Big Data


Areas of expertise

Critical Urban Theory


Planning in the Emerging Global Cities

Planning and Urban Conflicts

Smart City, Cybernetic Technology and Ethics of Big Data

Transportation and Infrastructure Planning

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Mohammadzadeh, M. (2017). City-marketing policy as a generator of urban discontent. Paper presented at AESOP Lisbon 2017: AESOP Annual Congress, Lisbon, Portugal. 11 July - 14 July 2017. Lisbon AESOP Annual Congress '17: Abstracts Book.
  • Mohammadzadeh, M., & Bahmanteymouri, E. (2015). The exigency of making Auckland the world’s most liveable city and its detrimental consequences. In P. Burton, H. Shearer (Eds.) State of Australian Cities Conference 2015: Refereed Proceedings Gold Coast, Australia: Urban Research Program at Griffith University on behalf of the Australian Cities Research Network.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/39164
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Elham Bahmanteymouri
  • Khan, A., Mohammadzadeh, M., & Syam, A. (2014). A travel plan as a tool for modifying university staff and students’ travel behaviour towards sustainable practices. In C. Brebbia (Ed.) Urban transport XX, 63-73. Southhampton, UK: WIT Press.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Asif Khan
  • Mohammadzadeh, M. (2014). The Neoliberalised City Fantasy: The place of desire and discontent The University of Auckland. ResearchSpace@Auckland.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/23406
  • Bahmanteymouri, E., & Mohammadzadeh, M. (2013). Planning practices in informal settlements as (counter-hegemonic) planning. Paper presented at AESOP / ACSP Joint Congress 2013: Planning for resilient cities and regions, University College Dublin, Ireland. 15 July - 17 July 2013. AESOP / ACSP 5th Joint Congress 2013: Planning for resilient cities and regions: eBook of abstracts.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Elham Bahmanteymouri
  • Mohammadzadeh, M. (2012). Neoliberal planning practice as uncertainty creator or what?. Paper presented at AESOP 2012: Association of European Schools of Planning 26th Congress, Ankara, Turkey. 11 July - 15 July 2012. Aesop2012: E-Book of Abstracts: 26th Annual Congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning. (pp. 1).
  • Mohammadzadeh, M. (2011). Neo-liberal planning in practice: urban development with/without a plan (A post-structural investigation of Dubai’s development). Paper presented at The 3rd World Planning Schools Congress, Perth, Australia. 4 July - 8 July 2011.
  • Mohammadzadeh, M. (2010). Deleuze, urban transformation and the role of history in urban projects in the Historical cities (case study: the historical core of Tehran in Iran). Paper presented at The 14th International Planning History Society Conference, Istanbul, Turkey. 12 July - 16 July 2010. URBAN TRANSFORMATION: CONTROVERSIES, CONTRASTS and CHALLENGES. Related URL.

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