Critical Edge for Doctoral Research 2017 Event as iCalendar

(Creative Events, Architecture and Planning, Dance Studies, Fine Arts, Music)

20 November 2017 - 22 November 2017

9am - 5pm

Location: TBA

Host: Creative Arts and Industries

Cost: Free admission

Students in the library

For 2017, Critical Edge presents twelve events designed to support doctoral supervisors and students within the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries.

Spread from March to November, the interactive workshops, writing retreats and symposium provide academic staff and doctoral students with a place to meet, eat, share ideas and gain new practical tools. Facilitated by guest specialists, the events provide stimulating sustenance for doctoral journeys, within a supportive research community.

Whether you are at the start or end of your doctoral journey, a current academic supervisor, researching architecture, urban design, urban planning, fine arts, dance or music, these events will help you to produce, supervise, and publish knowledge of international significance in a collegial environment.

Imagine your thesis

This workshop series is a creative playground that allows you to drop in and explore how you might connect, move, sing, design, perform, and politicise your doctoral research project. Creative supervisorial staff from different disciplines and doctoral colleagues from across the Faculty make this a fun social gathering.

Express your thesis

Our annual doctoral students’ symposium provides a full-cycle preparation for the academic conference experience. Through workshops on writing abstracts, a process of peer-review and selection, and subsequent workshops on presentation skills, your final symposium presentation with colleagues from across the faculty will help you feel at home within our community of researchers.

Retreat to your thesis

Do you ever need time out from everything to just get into writing? These two fully-catered writing retreats, in winter and spring, provide a concentrated atmosphere, with stimulating workshops and peer-review. 

Event Date Time Location
Connect With Your Thesis 30 March 5-6pm Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Move Your Thesis 27 April 5-7pm  Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Sing Your Thesis  18 May 5-7pm Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Chill With Your Thesis (retreat) 12-14 June 9am-4pm Business School, Owen G Glenn Building (260-223)
Design Your Thesis 27 July 5-7pm Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Abstract Your Thesis 3 August 4-5pm Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Presentation Skills 1 24 August 10am-11am Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Perform Your Thesis 31 August 5-7pm Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Presentation Skills 2 13 September 9-11am Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Express Your Thesis (symposium)
(See programme below)
14 September 9am-5pm TBA - University of Auckland campus
Politicise Your Thesis 12 October 5-7pm Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre
Spring Into Your Thesis (retreat) 20-22 November 9am-5pm TBA - University of Auckland campus

Express Your Thesis Symposium Programme




09:00 - 09:30am Dean Caroline Daley, A/Prof Nicholas Rowe, Alfdaniels Mabingo Introduction
9:30 - 9:50am Nicole Pereira “I’m a dancer not a teacher”: The development of teacher identity in non-formal performing arts learning in Tonga and the Tongan diaspora
9:50 - 10:10am Allan Stephen Balaara

Weather Modernism and the tropics:

Max Bond and the appropriation of Modernism, in a library design, in Ghana.

10:10 - 10:30am Saeed Haghnia Iranian elderly people in long-term care environments throughout history: Body and architecture
10:30 - 10:50am Kendall Jones Chorós: Dance in contemporary Greece
10:50-11:00am TEA BREAK  
11:00 - 11:20am Stacy Vallis Architectural Heritage Conservation via Seismic Retrofitting of Unreinforced Masonry (URM) Building Precincts in New Zealand
11:20 - 11:40pm Yin Xu Studying the urban form at micro-scale: the case of Guangzhou
11:40 - 12:00pm Ji Sun Mo A literature review on limitations and opportunities: coping with the obstacles to implement green building rating systems
12:20 - 1:00pm LUNCH BREAK  
1:00 - 1:20pm Salma Amirshekari Razno How different approaches to neighbourhood concept influence designing neighbourhood spaces
1:20 – 1:40pm Kristie Mortimer

Encountering dance and immigration: An exploration of the ways dance teachers in Blenheim are responding to the immigration of youth

1:40 - 2:00pm Aram Shah Mansouri Tectonic envelops: Exploring tectonic ornamentation with a performance-oriented approach
2:00 - 2:20pm Maryam Bagheri Nesami Poetics and Politics of being an Iranian woman contemporary solo dancer
2:20pm TEA BREAK