All are welcome to attend this exhibition showcasing four exceptional Master of Architecture (Professional) thesis projects which represented the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning at the 2016 NZIA Central Innovation Student Design Awards. On display will be the work of graduates Brooke Bardell-Munro, Danielle Koni, Elliott Morgan, and Liam Stumbles. Stephenson & Turner will be announcing the winner of their award for excellence and innovation in design communication, with particular recognition of work displaying a flair for outstanding visual communication. The winner will be selected from one of the projects presented in the Four Futures exhibition.


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29 March 2017 - 08 April 2017

11am - 4pm

Venue: George Fraser Gallery, Open Wednesday-Saturday

Location: 25a Princes Street, Auckland CBD

Host: School of Architecture and Planning

Cost: This event is free and open to the public

Contact email: creative@auckland.ac.nz

George Fraser Gallery

Brooke Bardell-Munro | Paradise is an island so is hell

The romantic view of New Zealand as a far-flung British Arcadian settlement continues to be portrayed through national branding strategies such as '100% pure', exaggerating the perception of New Zealand as being pristine, and green, validating the white lies told about the actual disquieting environmental conditions. This project aims to raise awareness of the national valuing of economic gain over critical reflection while also questioning the ever-shifting ethical boundaries and existing archetypes of conservation through speculative and satirical architecture.

Brooke Bardell-Munro
Image Credit: David St.George

Danielle Koni | Once the Dust Settles: Weaving a Cloak of Resilience for Hinemoa Point

Motivated by contemporary frictions between iwi and the crown over designated Ngati Whakaue land, this thesis argues for an architecture of resilience, engaging myth and narrative to propose a contemporary architectural “lake-scape” unique to Hinemoa Point and reflective of its inherent socio-cultural, historical context. The design intervenes with the crafting of a conceptual cloak, taking on the form of an architectural lake-scape, presenting opportunity for reconciliation, progress, and social cultural reengagement with the land and lake at Hinemoa Point.

Danielle Koni
Image Credit: David St.George

Elliott Morgan | Morphosis of Social Conscience

Drawing on the evolutionary stages of living organisms, and the design of collected attitudes and behaviours, this thesis challenges architecture’s relationship to depression. It proposes a new strategy that challenges a prehistory of stigma and architectural convention relating to mental health. Taking the position that social attitudes can be impacted by the design of special programs and spaces, the proposed building is a preliminary form of healthcare, adopting a new facade to break social attitudes concerning the treatment of mental health.

Read more about Elliott's project on our MArch(Prof) thesis extracts site modos.ac.nz


Elliott Morgan - view more
Image Credit: David St.George

Liam Stumbles | Urban Mutations

Urban mutations is an exploration into the complex relationship between the city and the global environmental crisis, aiming to express the true complexity of the issue through a radical vision of a future climate- sensitive city of open-systems architecture. This project is a call for architects to concern themselves with the strategical development of the city in order to foster sustainable innovation at the urban scale, dealing with rapid urban growth alongside a state of coexistence with the natural world.

Read more about Liam's project on our MArch(Prof) thesis extracts site modos.ac.nz

Liam Stumbles - view more
Image Credit: David St.George