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(Creative Events, Music)

04 October 2018


Venue: Studio One, Kenneth Myers Centre

Location: 74 Shortland Street, Auckland Central

Host: School of Music

Cost: Free admission, registrations not required

Contact email: creative@auckland.ac.nz

Jazz Students at the School of Music
Photo: Chillbox Creative

Throughout the jazz programme, the opportunity to perform in recitals and concerts act not only as assessment tools, but also as preparatory gigs as students develop the skills required to perform as both band leader and band member. Collaborations are a major part of the jazz community, and these are actively fostered within our programme.

More information on the Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree and how to apply can be found here.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre at info-creative@auckland.ac.nz




Monday 21 May, 7pm

Combo 10: Mike Booth, director
Drums | Benjamin Frater
Guitar | Jacob Nichola
Sax | Alparslan Semiz and Cameron Kelso
Bass | Enrique Morales
Piano | John Maily
Voice | Isabel King

Combo 9: Jeff Henderson, director
Drums | Daniel Waterson
Guitar | Kathleen Tomakruz
Bass | Will Goodinson
Sax | Mischa Kourkov
Piano | Baggy


Combo 3: Kevin Haines, director
Bass | Mitchell Nemeth
Guitar | Josiah Hoo
Sax | George Wilson
Drums | Malachi Samuelu
Voice | Caoimhe Lane and Folau Atuekaho
Piano | Ajuna Oakes and Jade Kerr
Trumpet | Nicholas Curry


Combo 2: Neil Watson, director
Bass | Joshua Whitefield
Voice | Katie Freborn
Sax | Morgam Lacey and Sara Jones
Drums | Joshua Johnson
Guitar | Adrian Brown
Piano | Skylar-Jane Orr and Hariz Boucher


Combo 1: Phil Broadhurst, director
Bass | Jimmy Olson
Drums | Ethan Curtis and Elijah White
Piano | Joseph Kaptein
Guitar | Imogene Motufoua
Sax | Andrew Isdale
Trumpet | Jack Thirtle
Voice | Enya Finlayson






Tuesday 22 May, 7pm

Combo 8: Kevin Haines, director
Drums | Eugene Teulilo
Piano | Hugo Middeldorp and Jonathan Howan
Guitar | Daniel Kerr
Bass | Thongchai Manawangphiphat
Sax | Loxmyn McDonald-Ness
Voice | Toma Te'evale and Elijah Taula


Combo 7: Jason Jones, director
Bass | Tane Moore
Drums | Karen Hu
Guitar | Timothy O'Malley
Sax | Felix Hayes-Tourelle and Mace Wilkin
Piano | James Chester and Chris Lee
Voice | Ruta Ueta


Combo 6: John Bell, director
Drums | Ting Ting Foster and Bickio O'Callahan
Bass | Arabella Poulsen
Piano | Clinton Fakalata
Guitar | Mathew Esekia and David Rapana
Sax | Daniel McKenzie
Voice | Vida Gibson


Combo 5: Dixon Nacey, director
Bass | Shane Hinton
Drums | Rohil Kishore
Piano | Grace Park and Finn McDonald
Guitar | Sam Montgomery
Trumpet | Joylon Walsh
Voice | Lea Anae and Jonathan Leung
Guitar | Hayden

Combo 4: Dixon Nacey, director
Bass | Sangmin Kim
Drums | Tobias Lorimer
Guitar | Alexander Pipes
Piano | Paulo Glaceran and Benjamin Gailer
Voice | Rachel Clarke




Monday 13 August, 7-10pm

Combo 8: Kevin Jaines, director

Egene Teulilo, drums
Hugo Middeldorp, piano
Daniel Kerr, guitar
Thongchai Manawangphiphat, bass
Loxmyn McDonald-Ness, saxophone
Toma Te'evale, voice
Elijah Taula, voice
Ben Frater, drums


Combo 3: Kevin Haines, director 

Mitchell Nemeth, bass
Josiah Hoo, guitar
Samuelu Malachi, drums
Caoimhe Lane, voice
Ajuna Oakes, piano
Jade Kerr, piano
Nicholas Curry, trumpet


Combo 7: Jason Jones, director

Arabella Poulsen bass
Karen Hu, drums
Timothy O'Malley, guitar
Felix Hayes-Tourelle, saxophone
Chris Lee, piano
Ruta Ueta, voice


Combo 6: Chris O'connor, director

Rohil Kishore, drums
Henrique Morales, bass
Clinton Fakalata, piano
Sam Montgomery, guitar
Daniel McKenzie, saxophone
Vida Gibson, voice


Combo 1: Phil Broadhurst, director

Jimmy Olson, bass
Joseph Kaptein, piano
Imogene Motufoua, guitar
Andrew Isdale, saxophone
Elijah Whyte, drums
Jack Thirtle, trumpet
Enya Finlayson, voice

Tuesday 14 August, 7-10pm

Combo 10: Mike Booth, director

Benjamin Frater, drums
Jacob Nicholas, guitar
Alparslan Semiz, saxophone
Cameron Kelso, saxophone
Henrique Morales, bass
John Maily, piano
Isbael King, voice


Combo 9 Jeff Henderson, director

Daniel Waterson, drums
Kathleen Tomakruz, guitar
Will Goodinson, bass
Lukas, saxophone
Baggy, piano
Caroline, voice


Combo 4: Dixon Nacey, director

Sangim Kim, bass
Ben Frater, drums
Alexander Pipes, guitar
James Chester, piano
Rachel Clarke, voice
Soakai Malamala, Saxophone
Benjamin Gailer, piano


Combo 5: Dixon Nacey, director

Shane Hinton, bass
Bickio O'Callahan, drums
Grace Park, piano
Joylon Walsh, trumpet
Lea Anae, voice
Haden Te Haara, guitar
Jonathan Leung, voice
Harrison Dean-Alder, saxophone


Combo 2: Neil Watson, director

Joshua Whitefield, bass
Katie Freeborn, voice
Morgan Lacey, saxophone
Joshua Johnston, drums
Adrian Brown, guitar
Sara Jones, saxophone
Skylar-Jane Orr, piano
Haziz Boucher, piano



Tuesday 15 May, 7pm

Jazz and Blues Club, Point Chevaliar RSA
Saxophone ensemble | Jason Jones, director
Big Band | Paul Norman, director


Tuesday 15 May, 7pm

Studio One, Kenneth Myers Centre
Percussion ensemble | John Bell, director
Compositions by Chick Corea, Wei-Jun Huang and Airto Moreia
Guitar ensemble | Neil Watson, director


Tuesday 2 October, 7pm

Studio One, Kenneth Myers Centre
Percussion ensemble
Guitar ensemble


Wednesday 17 October, 7pm

Studio One, Kenneth Myers Centre
Saxophone ensemble
Choir ensemble



Wednesday 6 June, 6.30pm

Studio One, Kenneth Myers Centre
40 minute concert | Julie Mason, director




Thursday 21 June

Daniel Waterson | 4pm
Bhagirath Prutvi | 5.15pm
Wil Goodinson | 6.45pm
Kathleen Tomacruz | 8pm
Allana Goldsmith | 9.15pm

Monday 29 October, 7pm

Daniel Waterson | 7pm
Kathleen Tomacruz | 8.30pm

Tuesday 30 October, 7pm

Wil Goodinson | 7pm
Bhagirath Prutvi | 8.30pm




Thursday 4 October, 7pm

Third year | Jono Howan
Third year | Chris Lee
Third year | Elijah Whyte

Friday 5 October, 7pm

Third year | John Malley
Third year | Josh Johnston

Thursday 11 October, 7pm

Third year | Shane HInton
Third year |Thongchai Manawangphiphat
Third year |Daniel McKenzie

Friday 12 October, 7pm

Third year | Timothy O’Malley
Third year | Daniel Kerr
Third year | Sam Montgomery

Thursday 18 October, 7pm

Third year | Felix Hayes-Tourelle
Third year |Rhohill Kilshore,

Friday 19 October, 7pm

Third yearl | Grace Park
Third year | Skylar Orr