Eye-catching structures enhance local school

29 February 2016
Masters of Architecture (Professional) students Louie Tong and Charlotte Farquharson with Charlotte's structure built for Henderson High School.

Two new eye-catching pavilions have appeared in the grounds of Henderson High School as part of a project to develop a range of iconic landscape installations at the school.

The project between Henderson High School and the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland has previously resulted in new shelters for the school’s staff and students.

Last week two new structures were transported from the University and concreted into place at the school.

Created by Masters of Architecture (Professional) students, Charlotte Farquharson and Louie Tong, the two new garden pavilions are contemporary versions of follies or ‘eye catchers’, structures that were popular in 18th and 19th century England, designed to enhance the landscape.

The two architecture students started the project as part of their master’s thesis work.

The structures took the students many months to design and build using digital design and fabrication techniques.

They were assisted in the enterprise by Professor Andrew Barrie, Senior Lecturer John Chapman and doctoral candidate Yusef Patel from the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning, and the structures were built as part of the students’ timber technology class.

The pavilions are not quite finished, with seating to be installed and some minor touch-ups still required.

Charlotte, 23, from East Auckland and Louie, 22, from Central Auckland, say the project has been a great opportunity to gain experience in design and construction as well as project management.

Henderson High School Principal Mike Purcel has been instrumental in the project’s development.

“We are very pleased with the outcomes generated by our involvement with the School of Architecture and Planning. Designed and built by the students the structures provide both a practical and aesthetic benefit to the school. They have also promoted robust discussion about their form and function,” says Mike.

Charlotte and Louie, who are both due to graduate shortly, hope to find employment in an architectural firm and eventually become registered architects.


Miranda Playfair, Media Relations Adviser

Email: m.playfair@auckland.ac.nz