Student awarded internship with MX3D

24 February 2017
Top: Casey Hemingway in Amsterdam. Below: The MX3D workshop. Photo credit: Adriaan de Groot.

Using robots to build a bridge over a canal in Europe might sound like a scene from a science fiction story, but it will soon be reality for one young architectural graduate from the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries.

Casey Hemingway, who has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the School of Architecture & Planning at the University, has been awarded a coveted paid internship to join MX3D in Amsterdam, a world-leading robotic 3D printing technology company.

The 22 year-old from Sydney will be joining the team at MX3D at the start of March to begin building a pedestrian bridge using unique 3D-printing technology commonly known as wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). Renowned for its incredible accuracy, speed, and lack of waste, WAAM has previously been reserved for the precision production of aerospace components.

While completing his degree at the University of Auckland, Casey worked on robotics in Dr Dermott McMeel’s digital design research group which investigates emerging technologies. Casey’s team made use of a robotic arm to draw portraits of people.

During his internship Casey will have a problem-solving role regarding the bridge’s construction, troubleshooting any unexpected issues with the robots, from welding to coding.

Casey admits that, at this early point in his career, it is his dream job. “As my degree progressed, my work became more concerned with the emerging digital aspects of architecture. To have the opportunity to work with MX3D on this revolutionary project is very exciting,” he says.

When his internship ends, Casey plans to pursue postgraduate study in the field of computational design, a profession emerging from the intersection of architecture, computer science and engineering.

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