Four Futures 2017 winner

09 May 2017
Elliott standing proud before his winning project

As if completing a Master of Architecture (Professional) degree wasn’t enough, 23 year old graduand of the School of Architecture and Planning, Elliott Morgan, was also named as the 2017 winner of the prestigious Stephenson & Turner prize for visual communication at the School’s Four Futures Exhibition, earlier this year.

Elliott’s thesis, Morphosis of Social Conscience, challenges architecture’s relationship to depression, suggesting new architectural strategies to confront an historical stigma relating to mental health. While architecture alone may be limited in its capacity to combat or relieve depression, Elliott’s project demonstrates how social attitudes can be positively impacted by the design of special programmes and spaces, presenting a fresh, relevant, and defiant concept.

“This brave and radical study convincingly challenges accepted views about the treatment of a serious health condition. In designing a clinic for the treatment of mental illness, Elliot embraces both sensory and highly technological possibilities. Through facades that respond to and emote the presence of occupants, and interior devices that recall the memory of previous occupants, visitors to this clinic are reminded that they are not alone.” (Melonie Bayl-Smith from Bijl Architecture, Australia)

What’s more, Elliott was also a finalist in last year’s prominent NZIA Central Innovation Student Design Awards, and has already commenced a career as Model Maker at Stevens Lawson Architects in Auckland. His is certainly an exciting future to keep an eye on, and one on which we eagerly await updates!

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