Secondary students and schools


Our faculty is actively involved with a number of schools in the Auckland area, with the aim of stimulating young peoples’ interest in the future development of the creative arts and industries:

  • The School of Architecture and Planning has for many years been involved with young people in both primary and secondary schools, working on sustainable development issues in the Auckland region. More recently, the School has focused on urban design planning in the students’ local neighbourhoods.
  • Dance Studies students and staff perform and conduct interactive workshops in primary and secondary schools throughout the area. Associate Professor Ralph Buck is also engaged in ongoing research that aims to achieve a greater understanding of the value of dance in diverse community contexts.
    View The Healing Art of Dance in our Communities
  • Elam School of Fine Arts runs a popular outreach programme visiting Auckland high schools, and has made plans to introduce Information Days for secondary school students in Wellington and Christchurch.
  • The School of Music offers a series of immensely popular workshops to secondary students each year, encouraging the development of young talent in a variety of musical fields.

Helping secondary students to make study choices

The Schools Partnership Office helps school students with information and advice related to subject choices, entry requirements and the application process. The Schools Partnership Office also has a recruitment team that visits schools and attends expos and other education-oriented events throughout New Zealand and Australia.

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Young Scholars Programme

The Young Scholars Programme offers Year 13 students the opportunity to take a course at the University while still at school. Students who have demonstrated exceptional academic ability will have the opportunity to be challenged and extended at a world-class, research-led University with the very best teachers and resources.

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