The Centre for Art Studies


Established in 2006, the Centre for Art Studies (CAS) is entrusted to manage and develop the University’s extensive and valuable art collection, to coordinate the busy exhibition programme of the Gus Fisher Gallery, and to support and guide the student team that leads the activities of the online and onsite student-curated gallery, Window. The Centre also liaises closely with other parts of the University engaged in similar or compatible activities, maximising opportunities to showcase key initiatives.

  • Director's welcome

    An introduction to the work of the Centre for Art Studies (CAS) from Director Linda Tyler.

  • Galleries and collections

    Information about the University's art collection, the George Fraser Gallery, Gus Fisher Gallery and Window.

  • Creative showcase

    See selected works from the University's extensive art collection, as well as current research projects being undertaken at the Centre.

  • Research

    Art and architectural exhibitions and written works on various topics in architecture, art and design.

  • CAS academic staff

    View profiles and contact details of academic staff at the Centre for Art Studies (CAS).