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The Dance Studies Programme is New Zealand's leading centre for postgraduate research in dance, with a wealth of expertise in teaching and learning, choreographic practice and dance ethnography.

Associate Professor Ralph Buck

Research Areas

  • Dance education
  • Dance pedagogy
  • Community dance
  • Dance curriculum

Current and recent PhD supervision

  • Barbara Snook (2009-2012): "How can primary school teachers be supported in their implementation of the dance curriculum?"
  • Dagmar Simon (2010-2014): "Dancing the city of diversity"
  • Jin Jin (2014 - 2017) Dance education in New Zealand and China
  • Alfdaniels Mabingo (2014 - ) Dance education in Uganda
  • Carlene Newell (2015 - ) Dance and dementia
  • Kate Reigle van West (2015 - ) "The effects of international Poi and Tai Chi on physical and cognitive function in healthy older adults." 

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Associate Professor Carol Brown

Research Areas

  • Contemporary choreographic practices
  • Dance and decolonial thinking
  • Feminist philosophy and embodiment
  • Mixing realities through digital technology and embodied interfaces
  • Dance, architecture and performing place

Completed PhD supervision

  • Natalie Garrett (2007): "Somatic Informed Choreographic Practice", Roehampton University UK
  • Jenny Roche (2009): "Moving Identities: Multiplicity, Embodiment, and the Contemporary Dance", Roehampton University, UK
  • Efrosini Protopapa (2009): "The Possibility of Dance:  Choreographic Practice and the Abstraction of the Real", Roehampton University UK
  • Mark Harvey (2012): "Performance: Test: Labour" AUT, New Zealand. 
  • Rebecca Wood (2015): "Choreoauratics: Social Choreographies for the Ears." (PhD with Creative Practice), University of Auckland, New Zealand. 

Current PhD supervision

  • Suzanne Cowan (2012-2017): Choreography through an Expanded Corporeality
  • Deborah Lawler-Dormer (2013-2017): ALTER: New Media Art Practices at the intersection of neuroscience and the posthuman
  • Ariadne Mikou (2013-2017): Choreographing Spaces. Poetics of Demolition in Event-Oriented Artistic Encounters (Roehampton University, UK)
  • Kerstin Kussmaul (2016-) Movement and touch from a Myoreflex Therapy viewpoint: A new somatic method for dancers
  • Maryam Bagheri Naseri (2017-)  Performing Women in Contemporary Iran

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Associate Professor Nicholas Rowe

Research Areas

  • Dance ethnography and history
  • Dance in education and communities
  • Tertiary arts education
  • Creative practice and digital technology

Current and recent PhD supervision

  • Linda Ashley (2011): "Teaching dance from contextual perspectives in the New Zealand curriculum: concerns, dilemmas and opportunities in theory and practice"
  • Rosemary Martin (2012): "Women's dance narratives in the Middle East"
  • Michael Parmenter (2009-): "Gestures of aliveness: Encounters between dance and a phenomenology of life"
  • David Zeitner (2010-): "Dance and creativity in the MBA"
  • Felicity Molloy (2011-): "Fit to teach: Tracing tacit elements of dance performance in tertiary teaching repertoire"
  • Tia Rehana (2013-): "Landscapes of learning from within community and curricula: An indigenous exploration of knowledge and embodiment"
  • Sarah Knox (2013-): "Processing pedagogy: Cultural translation within professional dance institutions in Asia"

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Dr Mark Harvey

Research areas

  • Interdisciplinary performance
  • Choreographic practice
  • Visual arts performance / live art
  • Social practices in live art
  • Performance studies
Current PhD supervision
  • Rebecca Hobbs (2014 - ): "Approximately fifty-three performative gestures." (DocFA candidate, Elam School of Fine Arts.)
  • Suzanne Cowan (2012-): "Disability, Sexuality and the Performance of Vulnerability."

Dr Alys Longley

Research Areas

  • Practice-led research
  • Somatic approaches to teaching and choreography
  • Performative, poetic and ethnographic writing
  • Ecology and community

Current and Recent PhD supervision

  • Tru Paraha (2016-) ARK: horror and choreography
  • Cat Ruka (2016-) Developing Mentoring Processes for Emerging Performance Makers
  • Gabrielle O’Connor (2017-) Engaging Communities in Issues of Environmental Complexity through the Art-Science Nexus.
  • Kerstin Kussmaul (2016-) Movement and touch from a Myoreflex Therapy viewpoint: A new somatic method for dancers
  • Alexandra Bonham (2017-)Space to Play and Playing the Space: practise-led research into the role of play and playful design in strengthening the social fabric in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter.
Completed PhD supervisions
  • Rebecca Wood (2011-2015) "Social Choreographies for the Ears - Practice–Led Research in Sound Art, Choreography, and Somatics"
  • Morrigan Mullen (2011-2014)  "Managing Applied Theatre - A Multi-Sited Ethnography"

Dr Rosemary Martin

Research Areas

  • Dance ethnography
  • Dance education
  • Dance in post colonial contexts
  • Dance in the Middle Eastern region
  • Dance and politics

Current PhD supervision:

  • Sophie Williams - Fostering indigenous performative knowledge (co-supervision with Dr. Arapera Ngaha)
  • Nicole Pereria – The development of teacher identities in non-formal dance education (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)
  • Jin Jin - Dance education in China and NZ (co-supervision with AP Ralph Buck)
  • Pauline Hiroti - Dance and youth at risk (co-supervision with AP Ann Sullivan)
  • Kristie Mortimer – Intercultural sensitivity in dance studio teaching (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)
  • Teuila Hughes - Pacific dance and the notion of ethnic lumping (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)
  • Sarah Gamarie - Anthropology of French Polynesian dances abroad (co-supervision with AP Ralph Buck)
  • Kendall Jones – Community arts in migrant communities (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)

Current Masters supervision:

  • Sarah Foster-Sproull – Dance making as an economic theory (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)
  • Jonathan Amario – A comparative study of small group task based learning in Software Engineering and Dance Studies (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)
  • Li Wang – Intercultural sensitivity in studio pedagogy (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)
  • Shiheng Li – Transformative dance education: A case study of the Beijing Dance Academy (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)
  • Jiahui Liu – Peer relationships in the dance class (co-supervision with AP Nicholas Rowe)

Completed Masters supervision:

  • Johanna Claus - Te Hononga: An intergenerational site-responsive performance (co-supervision with AP Carol Brown) (creative practice Masters completed 2017)
  • Natalie Schiller - A female, a pole, a cross (creative practice Masters completed 2015)