Voyages of Discovery

Hosted in association with The University of Auckland School of Music

The University of Auckland School of Music, 6 Symonds Street, Auckland 1142, New Zealand

30 November-2 December, 2012

Keynote speakers
James Webster (Cornell University);
Patricia Shehan Campbell (The University of Washington)


This conference seeks to investigate and promote the breaking of new ground within and between our fields of music study: musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music, jazz, music therapy and music education. ‘Voyages of Discovery’ relates here to intellectual travel; the charting of new territory within music disciplines; and interdisciplinary journeys. To register for the conference and reserve a room at The University of Auckland's O'Rorke Hall, please download, complete and return the forms at right. For more information about the New Zealand Musicological Society, go to their web page:



Friday 30 November


9.00am-10.00 am Registration/book display (on-going) Music Theatre Foyer (see Map 2)
10.00am-10.45am Pōwhiri/Dean’s Welcome Music Theatre
10.45am-11.00am Morning tea/registration

11.00am-1.00pm Session 1

Music Theatre (MT)

Panel on Music Pedagogy: Reshaping Pedagogy Perspectives for Community Music Teachers in the Studio and Classroom

Chair: Patricia Campbell

David Lines
Redefining Studio Pedagogy and Music Education

Rae de Lisle
Building Secure Foundations for Performance Health

Te Oti Rakena
Globalising a Music Degree in Postcolonial Settings: The Voice of the Indigenous Community

Graham McPhail
Crossing Boundaries: Sharing Concepts of Music Teaching from Classroom to Studio

Respondent: Patricia Campbell

Seminar room, 115

Baroque and Bach
Chair: Peter Walls

Warren Drake
A voyage into the Unknown: Exploring an Alessandro Scarlatti Manuscript

Rosalind Halton
Seriously Funny or too Sublime for Words? Vinci's Terzetto 'Sento scherzar nel petto' in Medo (1728)

Sean Scanlen
A Concluding Schema in the Works of J.S. Bach

James Tibbles
‘Yes, Humphrey, but what does it MEAN?: The Interpretation of Articulation Markings in the Keyboard Works of J.S. Bach

1.00pm-1.45pm Lunch (MT Foyer)
1.45pm-2.30pm Concert: Darija Andjelic-Andzakovic and Rachel Grimwood;
ETACETI: Abigail Sperling, Liam Wooding, Robert Drage

2.30-3.30pm Session 2

Discourses of Jazz
Chair: David Lines

Aleisha Ward
Jazzy Nerves, Aching Feet and Foxtrots: Representations of Jazz in the New Zealand

Nick Tipping
Celebrating our music: Jazz Festivals and the Discourse of Ownership


Cello & Bass Virtuosity
Chair: Samantha Owens

Francis Yapp
Les Pretentions du Violoncello: Virtuosity in early French cello sonatas

Darija Andjelic-Andzakovic From Sonata to Concerto: Looking at J. M. Sperger's Terminal Concertante Works for Double Bass

3.30pm-3.45pm Afternoon tea

3.45pm-5.15pm Session 3

Film, Masculinity, and Voice
Chair: Adrian Renzo

Stephen Prock
Music and Masculinity in Miklos Rozsa's ScoBenr

Victor Vicente
Dance Raja Dance: Music and the Aesthetics of Male Dance in Indian Film

Dave Cosper
Cinesthetic Intimacy in Björk’s Selmasongs

Baroque: Theories, Practices, and Reception
Chair: Allan Badley

Samantha Owens
'The Most Modern Methods of Propaganda': Robert Dalley-Scarlett and the Halle Handel Medal (1940)

Peter Walls
Found in Translation: Geminiani and the Developing art of Playing on the Violin

Ayako Otomo
Conceptual and Cultural Confluences of the Sublime – A Voyage from France to Britain

Joseph Haydn: Voyages of Discovery
James Webster
7.30pm- Conference Dinner Mecca, Chancery (see Map 3)


Saturday 1 December 

9.00am-11.00am Session 4


Popular Music and Analysis
Chair: David Lines

Adrian Renzo
Canonising by Complexity? The case of Xenomania

Thomas Robinson
Paradigms and Syntagms in the Songs of Neil Diamond

Kirsten Zemke
Ethics in Popular Music scholarship

Nick Braae
Analysing Queen's Idiolect


Seminar room,

Songs in Context
Chair: Patricia Campbell

Gillian Lander
Silent Witness: A Rare Music Far-flung from Home

Peter Fielding
The Traditional Vocal Repertoire of Nova Scotia: Distilling Scalar Trends and Reconciling Alternate Encodings

Richard Moyle
Good Ole Songs

Dustin Dennis Odell Wiebe Performing Christian Kebal: Balinese Music and Dance as Interreligious Drama

11.00am-11.15am Morning tea
11.15am-12.15pm KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Surround-Sound: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture
Patricia Campbell
12.15am-1.00pm Lunch
1.00pm-1.45pm Jazz Concert: Nick Tipping, Ron Samson, Kevin Field 

1.45pm-3.15pm Session 5

Discourses of Music Education
Chair: David Lines

Georgia Pike
Boys will be Boys: A Music Making Journey Combining and Analysing Concepts of Leadership, Altruism and Excellence

Alina Abraham
Musical Creativity: Harmonic Series Structures, from Pictorial Representation to a Method of Teaching and Coaching for Music Performance

Vienna: Monuments, Masses, and Manuscripts
Chair: James Webster

Nancy November
Marketing Ploys, Monuments, and Myths: Reading Early Title Pages of Mozart’s Music

Allan Badley
Expedience or Experience? Leopold Hofmann’s Variant Mass Settings

Marie-Claire Taylor
A-Wn Mus.Hs.11084 and Mus.Hs.11085: An Archduchess' Music Collection

3.15pm-3.30pm Afternoon tea

3.30pm-4.30pm Session 6

Panel: Our Voyage: Traversing Maori performance
Chair: Patricia Campbell

Angela Karini
Haka Ventures into Crossover and Artistic Collaboration

Teurikore Biddle Ranga
Performing Kapa Haka on the Page: The case for the Academy

Sociability and Topicality c. 1800
Chair: James Webster

Ken Hartdegen
Sociability in Music: Conversation, Declamation and Decibels

W. Dean Sutcliffe
Topics in the Chamber

4.30pm-6.00pm Session 7

Technologies and Tales from Auckland

Chair: Kirsten Zemke

Rob Tedesco
The Economics and History of the Auckland Philh

Michelle Williams
Dancing the Past, Dancing the Future: Polycultural Capital in the Pacific Diaspora of Auckland, New Zealand

Alex Bennet
Sound Recordings: Capturing and Representing

Nineteenth Century

Chair: Dean Sutcliffe

Michael Weiss
The Nineteenth-Century Fonte: A Galant Formula in Romantic Music

David Banney
Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking in Music

Inge van Rij
Musical telegraphs: virtual voyages and uncanny discoveries


8.00pm Concert: Age of Discovery (optional)
Auckland Cathedral


Sunday 2 December 

10.00am-11.00am Session 8


Chair: Nancy November

Jennifer Cable
Musical Life in Colonial Virginia: Considering Musical Education and Performance

Andrea Low
A Night in Honolulu: Finding Agency in the Interzone


Singers, Repertoire, and Embodiment
Chair: Inge van Rij

Margaret Medlyn
Embodiment: How Opera Singers Connect Mind and Body, and Create the Intensity of Operatic Experience for Themselves and their Listeners

Imogen Thirlwall
Inner Compulsions: Performing 'Ways In' to Schoenberg's Das Buch der hängenden Gärten through Visceral Experience


11.00am-11.15am Morning tea

11.15am-12.15pm Session 9

Guitar Voyages

Chair: Nick Tipping

Barnaby Ralph
Faking It: The Gibson Les Paul and the Journey away from Cultural Authenticity

Le-Tuyen Nguyen
Australian guitar music with Vietnamese cultural influences


Seminar room,

Twentieth Century
Chair: Dean Sutcliffe

Andrew Deruchie
Narrative, Syntax, and Sound in Vincent d’Indy’s Second Symphony

Lars Helgert
Lukas Foss's American Landscape as an Expression of the Immigrant Experience

12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm-2.30pm NZMS AGM
3.00pm-4.30pm Closing Concert: Schubert, Sommerreise … a new performance practice of an old piece Jeffrey Chang , tenor ; James Tibbles, square piano (Collard and Collard, 1840) MT (run by the Age of Discovery)



Age of Discovery concert

Noel, Noel – 1 December, 8pm, Holy Trinity Cathedral

The combined forces of Age of Discovery's specialist early music choir and baroque orchestra combine to celebrate Advent and Christmas. Charpentier's gorgeous Messe de minuit, Mediaeval carols, Renaissance motets, and - to top it all off - Corelli's dramatic Christmas Concerto together make for a celebratory spectacle to conclude the year.

Medieval and Renaissance carols and motets, Charpentier's Messe de minuit, Corelli's Christmas Concerto, and Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols.

Tickets will be on sale from 1 November and conference delegates will be able to quote the code Corelli to receive the discounted ticket price of $30  for adults and $15 for concessions.

For further details please see:

Maps & Venues

Map 1 Conference Accommodation at O’Rorke Hall, 16 Mount Street. Tel 09-302-0266. To reach the School of Music turn left on Symonds Street and walk ca. 10 mins to 6 Symonds St. The School of Music is on your right.

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Map 2 Conference Venue: the School of Music. Entrance through the glass doors at 6 Symonds Street. Walk down the stairs and through the Quad, and enter the Music Theatre Foyer through the glass doors. The Music Theatre is on your left (upper arrow on the map); Seminar Room 115 is straight ahead and slightly to the left (lower arrow on the map).

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Map 3 Conference Dinner at Mecca Chancery, Shop C4/13 Bacons Lane. Tel. 09-356 7028. To reach Mecca from the School of Music turn left onto Symonds Street and cross at the pedestrian crossing onto Waterloo Quadrant; then walk ca. 10 mins to Bacons Lane, off Kitchener St.

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