Access Card Terms and Conditions

Official Terms of Use:

I hereby acknowledge that the information I have supplied is correct and that I have read and understood the conditions of use below and will abide by these conditions:

  • That the card is for my personal use and cannot be given to or assist others to gain access.
  • That if I lose the card I will immediately report the loss to Security (ext 85000 or 0800 373 7550) or Access Control. 
  • That I will produce the card and/or surrender it, if requested at any time by any Unisafe / Security Officer.
  • That I will return the card to the issuing department, Access Control or Security when it is no longer required.
  • That should I misuse the card, I will forfeit it and any access it grants, and I will abide by all the terms of the university’s Access to University Facilities Policy.