Architecture and Urban Planning students

As a student in the School of Architecture and Planning you will work alongside staff and other students with diverse backgrounds and interests, who also share a common vision of a sustainable future for humanity. Graduates have gone on to a wide range of professional careers in New Zealand and overseas.


Lusitania Vete

"I chose to do architecture as I enjoyed being creative and logical at the same time. It seemed like a natural choice for me.

"In my first year I learned a lot more than I expected about design and the practicality of designing. It was much deeper thinking than I was used to. We work in open plan, collaborative studio environments which simulates how we will work as professionals. I’ve also spent time in our wood and metal workshops. The technicians are really helpful; they are dedicated to health and safety and teaching you how to use all the tools and materials correctly to produce your work.

"I've been on a study trip to Spain and Portugal, where we presented our work to one of the biggest offices in the world. That exposure to international architects, and getting their feedback, was invaluable. We are also given opportunities to interact with the local industry through the lecture series the School of Architecture and Planning host.

"Architecture is about finding creative solutions to things. If you enjoy being creative and problem solving, and you're committed to working hard, I think you should definitely pursue architecture. I definitely want to become a practicing architect, however I’d also like to explore academia. My options are open, but I like the direction I’m heading in."

Lusitania Vete has just completed her third year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) degree and is moving into the Master of Architecture (Professional) programme.


Kirsten Binnie

"Urban Planning is a very broad degree which includes a lot of the subjects I'd been passionate about in high school; geography, history and design. We go on field trips to suburbs in Auckland and think about what we could do better, to make it safer, more pedestrian friendly, more attractive. Going back to the computer and using the maps to transform the city into a better place to live is really interesting.

"Our classes are quite tight-knit. We work in a studio environment, so we can easily work together and share ideas. The staff are really invested in your study; they know you by name and their doors are always open.

"I am involved with the University Christian Club, Student Life, which has been a great way of meeting students in other faculties, and they also connected me with another Urban Planning student, which has led to a lot of handy advice and insight!

"The University of Auckland is the only place in New Zealand to offer an Urban Planning degree and it's so relevant in Auckland at the moment. If you're interested in design and geography, I'd definitely recommend Urban Planning. You can find an aspect you will love and start to specialise in it."

Kirsten Binnie is in her final year of the Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours) degree.

Hana Greer in the architecture and planning studios.

Hana Greer

“I decided to study architecture because it combines my interest in art and design, along with the practicality of mathematics and physics. Also it is the first step to reaching my dream of becoming an architect. Choosing to study at the University of Auckland came as a natural selection process, due to its international reputation and the outstanding quality of student work from the past.

“We are currently working on a large-scale project out in New Lynn, which gives you a taste of what it’s like to be in the real world. The satisfaction of seeing something you design actually being fabricated is definitely a highlight.

“Architecture school has definitely taught me the importance of persistence, determination and teamwork skills, along with how important it is to be passionate and to enjoy what you do.

“I plan to complete a masters degree in architecture, either at the University of Auckland or overseas.”

Hana is currently studying for a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS).

Liam Winter in the NICAI student centre.

Liam Winter

“My interest in urban planning stems from a long-held fascination with cities: why they form, how they work, and how they can be made better. Urban planning was a perfect fit for my interests given its involvement in both enabling the economic opportunities that drive urbanisation; and in the regulation that aims to protect the interests of people and the environment. The University of Auckland offers an NZPI-accredited urban planning programme which prepares students for the real world, with its emphasis on hands-on collaborative problem solving and real-life case studies. The programme has been both challenging and enjoyable, with small class sizes equating to a large number of enduring friendships! Numerous classmates have also taken advantage of opportunities for overseas study in the United Kingdom, Germany and China.

"Moving forward, my immediate plans upon graduation are to pursue a public sector role with a view to ultimately becoming involved in formulating high-level growth management or transport policy.”

Liam is currently studying for a Bachelor of Planning (BPlan).