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Dance Studies students

As a student in the Dance Studies Programme you will have the opportunity to work closely with other motivated, creative people like these, as you prepare for a career in choreography or performance, community dance or dance research.


Jamie Green

“The University of Auckland was an obvious choice because it offers a bachelors degree purely in dance studies; you don’t just get technical training or an academic programme, but rather a flexible, harmonious combination of the two.

"Throughout my degree I’ve been enabled to study dance technically, choreographically and critically, growing my knowledge and developing my skills immensely. The Dance staff have made my experience so much richer – they genuinely care about our work and ambitions.

“During my second year I was honored to be selected for a trip to Singapore. We had the opportunity to perform there and teach too! Other highlights would be the practical experience I’ve gained over a range of avenues; teaching in a primary school, working closely with international and famous New Zealand choreographers on large projects and performances and working with fellow students at all levels.

"Although my degree is almost finished, I have not yet exhausted my curiosity about dance and plan to pursue postgraduate study with the hope of more overseas travel in the near future.”

Jamie is currently studying for a Bachelor of Dance Studies (BDanceSt).


Leighton Rangi

"I chose the University of Auckland because it is one of the most well established universities, and I also have friends who studied here in the past and gave me great feedback.  The highlight of the programme is that everyone becomes familiar with each other, which has enabled us to grow closer and treat each other like family. Everyone is really helpful, especially the lecturers. As an undergraduate dance student you get amazing opportunities to travel overseas and experience other dance cultures, and show off your own as well which I find very exciting. 

"My dance background is hiphop but since I've been studying here, I've learnt to expand and try new things which has been an amazing experience. There are so many career paths to choose from after this degree and I have three options in mind: becoming a secondary school dance teacher, a professional dancer or a choreographer."

Leighton is currently studying for a Bachelor of Dance Studies (BDanceSt).



Kristin Russell

“I chose the University of Auckland as my place of study because of the diversity within the Bachelor of Dance Studies. I like that the degree doesn't just focus on the physicality of dance or the theory of dance. It emphasises that dancers need the theory to support their dancing bodies. I also really like that not everyone has the same level of technical ability. Everyone is from a different cultural background, but together we mesh to create a community that thrives, ensuring that each person retains their individuality.

“During my studies here I have enjoyed opportunities to perform, from flash mobs to stage performances, and each of these has been an exciting experience. There are so many different pathways offered here, it's up to you to decide which road to take. I have been interested in dance rehabilitation and exploring how dance can help individuals with psychological or physical difficulties.”

Kristin is currently studying for a Bachelor of Dance Studies (BDanceSt).


Tammy Groves

"I chose to study dance because I wanted to honour my absolute passion for dance, and learn about everything that dance entails. I chose to study at the University of Auckland because I realised it was a reputable place that was going to offer me everything I wanted to get out of this degree. The opportunities I've had so far have broadened my mind, and my perspective has been enriched with these experiences. By enjoying our cultural differences, as well as appreciating our commonalities, I have also developed a deeper understanding of my own Māori heritage.

"There have also been exciting opportunities to take our skills overseas and perform. In addition to this, the programme offers opportunities to make overseas contacts, allowing us to seek out our own ventures. Through this programme I have developed in my practical skills, cultivated critical thinking, and expanded my own personal philosophy, particularly towards learning. When I graduate I intend to pursue further study, either with an honours degree in dance studies or with postgraduate study in education."

Tammy is currently studying for a Bachelor of Dance Studies (BDanceSt).


Matt Williams

"I chose the University of Auckland after much deliberation as it is the only tertiary institution that offers dance studies as a bachelors degree, not to mention that a University of Auckland qualification is internationally recognised.
The programme gives me the opportunity to learn through and about dance in many different contexts, including contemporary dance, Māori and Pacific dance, dance education and dance in the community.

"Opportunities to travel overseas, to teach and showcase works I have created here has been a major highlight of studying so far. In 2012 I was privileged to be chosen to travel to Taipei (Taiwan) to teach kapa haka and also showcase our choreography.

After graduating, I plan to further my knowledge by going into postgraduate study in either performance or choreography. The great thing about Dance Studies is the flexibility to study at postgraduate level in the field of your choice. There are so many pathways open to us as dance students. To find out where yours leads, why not join us?"

Matt is currently studying for a Bachelor of Dance Studies (BDanceSt).


Livia-Kate Pearce

"The University of Auckland is such a well-known and respected university both nationally and internationally. The Dance Studies Programme offers a well-rounded degree both physically and academically in that it prepares you for any direction that dance may take you. The department has highly acclaimed lecturers who provide so much knowledge and experience. They also have a strong desire for their students to succeed and do a great deal to help them. Everyone in the degree is extremely close and we consider each other to be family. We are with each other through the hard times and celebrate the good times together. This degree is tailored to suit us; we do not have to change to fit it.

"Through the programme I was able to travel to Singapore in my second year to perform and meet other international dancers – that was was a huge honour."

Livia-Kate is currently studying for a Bachelor of Dance Studies (BDanceSt).



Caitlin Williams

“Dancing is my passion; I can't imagine my life without it. What I really love about the University of Auckland's Dance Studies Programme is that I am challenged intellectually as well as physically. I'm not just learning how to dance but I'm learning about dance as well.

“The lecturers here always push us to achieve the best we can in a fun, creative environment. I really enjoy the different situations we get to encounter, from technique classes to dance in the community. I can see changes in my thinking already when I teach and choreograph dance.

“My plans for the future have changed since I started studying here; I've been introduced to different areas of dance I didn't know existed. I now want to teach dance in schools or start a dance centre for children and youth where I can incorporate all that I have learnt here, and share my love of movement.”

Caitlin is currently studying for a Bachelor of Dance Studies (Honours) (BDanceSt(Hons)).