Dr Alessandro Premier

MSc Iuav Venice, PhD Ferrara


Dr Alessandro Premier is an architect, graduated with a Master Degree from Iuav University of Venice (Italy) and PhD in Architectural Technology at the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara (Italy).

He has been collaborating with Iuav University of Venice from 2005 to 2018. Alessandro has been adjunct professor of Architectural Technology at Iuav University of Venice (2010-2014) and adjunct professor at the University of Udine, Polytechnic Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (2013-2018). He has also taught at Milan Polytechnic (Mantova Campus) and RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Wiesbaden, Germany (Erasmus Teaching Staff Program). He held professional training courses with other institutions and associations of architects (i.e. ALA Assoarchitetti Vicenza, Fondazione Architetti Treviso, Italy).

He conducts research projects and experimentations in the field of advanced technologies for the architectural envelope. He specializes in the architectural integration of materials and technologies to improve the environmental quality of man made spaces with focus on lightweight claddings and shading devices (ECD (AIC), PRIN, Iuav University of Venice, FSE, University of Salford UK). He deals with research and participatory planning on technological innovation and environmental sustainability. He participates in international conferences and has authored more than 100 publications including books, essays, articles and curatorship.

Research | Current

  • Advanced façade design
  • Color and light in architecture
  • Building retrofit
  • Sustainable design

Teaching | Current

  • ARCHTECH 208 - Architectural Acoustics module
  • ARCHDES 301 - Design Studio 6
  • ARCHTECH 307 - Environmental Design II


  • Coordinator MArch, MArch(Sustainable Design) and PGDipArch
  • School Postgraduate Committee
  • School Research Committee
  • Faculty Research Committee – School rep (S2 2019)

Areas of expertise

  • Architectural integration of advanced shading systems
  • Lightweight façade claddings and textile architectures
  • Use of colour as a tool for the environmental quality of buildings
  • Retrofit of existing building envelopes
  • Materials, technologies and products for low environmental impact design
  • Smart materials for performance based building envelopes

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Registered Architect (CNAPPC, Italy)
  • Founding member of the Research Centre “Eterotopie: colour, light and communication in architecture”, Treviso, Italy
  • Member of ECD: The Study Group on Environmental Colour Design of AIC (International Colour Association)
  • Reviewer for the IPSAPA International Scientific Conference – University of Udine, Italy

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Premier, A. (2019). Solar shading devices integrating smart materials: an overview of projects, prototypes and products for advanced façade design. Architectural Science Review, online first10.1080/00038628.2019.1653259
  • Premier, A., & Gasparini, K (2017). Sustainable colour design in architecture: Materials, technologies and products. Journal of the International Colour Association, 19, 34-46. Related URL.
  • Premier, A. (2016). Sustainable design: Colour technologies for static façades with dynamic effect. Paper presented at Colour in Urban Life: images, objects and spaces, Santiago de Chile. 18 October - 22 October 2016. Colour in Urban Life: images, objects and spaces, AIC 2016 Interim Meeting, Book of Abstracts. Related URL.
  • Premier, A. (2015). A new stucco coating based on pearlescent pigments for improving wall thermal insulation. Paper presented at 10th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, Bern, Switzerland. 3 November - 4 November 2015. Advanced Building Skins. Related URL.
  • Premier, A. (2015). Dynamic façades in the contemporary man-made environment: From tradition to innovation. Agribusiness Paesaggio & Ambiente (Agribusiness Landscape & Environment), 18 (2), 150-157. Related URL.
  • Premier, A. (2014). Sustainable innovation for smart city architecture. Agribusiness Paesaggio & Ambiente (Agribusiness Landscape & Environment), 17 (3), 248-254. Related URL.
  • Zennaro, P, Gasparini, K, & Premier, A. (2013). Colour and light in the requalification, regeneration, and valorisation of residential buildings. Paper presented at AIC Colour 2013 12th Congress of the International Colour Association, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. 8 July - 12 July 2013. AIC Colour 2013 12th Congress of the International Colour Association, Proceedings Volume 3. Related URL.
  • Premier, A. (2012). Dynamic facades and smart technologies for building envelope requalification. Screencity: International Academic Journal, Media environment (01), 65-69.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/43117

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Level 4, Room 424
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