Ms Patricia Marion Austin

BSc, BPhil

Research | Current

  • Planning and affordable housing
  • Sustainable housing, eco-districts and eco-towns
  • Planning for an ageing population
  • Planning for disabled access
  • Designing inclusive accessible built environments
  • Crime prevention, safer cities and communities
  • Planning and injury prevention
  • Strategies for more sustainable urban futures

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Austin, P. M. (2016). Local government and housing: A state of transition. In J. Drage, C. Cheyne (Eds.) Local Government in New Zealand: Challenges & Choices (pp. 52-64). Auckland: Dunmore Publishing.
  • Austin, P. M., Gurran, N., & Whitehead, C. M. E. (2014). Planning and affordable housing in Australia, New Zealand and England: Common culture; different mechanisms. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 29 (3), 455-472. 10.1007/s10901-013-9356-3
  • Austin, P. M., Shepherd, M., & Chambers, J. (2014). Children and cars don’t mix on driveways. Planning Quarterly (193), 18-22.
  • Gurran, N., Austin, P., & Whitehead, C. (2014). That sounds familiar! A decade of planning reform in Australia, England and New Zealand. Australian Planner, 51 (2), 186-198. 10.1080/07293682.2014.890943
  • Hickman, R., Austin, P., & Banister, D. (2014). Hyperautomobility and governmentality in Auckland. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 16 (3), 419-435. 10.1080/1523908X.2014.954074
  • Austin, P. M. (2013). Searching for the perfect recipe for affordable housing: Learning from other countries. In S. Bierre, P. Howden-Chapman, L. Early (Eds.) Homes people can afford: How to improve housing in New Zealand. Wellington, NZ: Steele Roberts Aotearoa.
  • Austin, P. M. (2011). Planning More Sustainable Urban Districts: Lessons from Europe. In K. Witten, W. Abrahamse, K. Stuart (Eds.) Growth Misconduct? Avoiding Sprawl and Improving Urban Intensification in New Zealand (pp. 33-45). Wellington: Steele Roberts Aotearoa and NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities.
  • Austin, P. M. (2006). Planning for an Ageing Population. In C. Freeman, M. Thompson Fawcett (Eds.) Living together : towards inclusive communities in New Zealand (pp. 109-122). Dunedin: Otago University Press.

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Level 6, Room 622
New Zealand