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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy



Gavin Hipkins’ research engages contemporary fine arts, photography and experimental film, including landscape traditions and postcolonial theory; digital montage and discourses of hybridity; photo and filmic experimental narrative structures. He has exhibited widely in New Zealand and internationally over the last two decades, working primarily in expanded photographic series and moving image. Recent exhibitions and film screenings include: The Port, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2015; Erewhon, Edinburgh Art Festival and New Zealand International Film Festival, 2014; This Fine Island, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2011, and Armory Film, New York, 2012; Envisioning Buildings: Reflecting Architecture in Contemporary Art Photography, Austrian Museum of Applied Art and Contemporary Art (MAK), Vienna, 2011; Unnerved: The New Zealand Project, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2010. He is currently supervising two DocFA candidates working in a range of contemporary and historic visual arts fields, including documentary photography, video, and emergent abstract painting.

Research | Current

  • Contemporary art
  • Photography
  • Experimental film
  • Landscape theory

Areas of expertise

Contemporary art, photography, experimental film

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Hipkins, G. J. (13/5/2017). New World [HD Video (12 minutes)], 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (International Competition), Lichtburg Kino, 63rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (International Competition): CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand. Related URL.
  • Hipkins, G. J. (7/5/2016). New Age [HD Video (10 minutes)], International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Related URL.
  • Hipkins, G. J., & Fritsch, K. Der Tiefenglanz, for the group exhibition Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography [photographic collages] The Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA. 13/5/2014 - 14/9/2015 Related URL.
  • Hipkins, G. J. Leisure Valley [Photographic prints] ST PAUL St Gallery, Auckland University of Technology (AUT). 4/4/2014 - 17/5/2014 Related URL.
  • Hipkins, G. J. (1/1/2014). Erewhon [DCP, feature film], Edinburgh Art Festival, Filmhouse, Edinburgh. Related URL.
  • Hipkins, G. J. (1/1/2014). The Port [HD video], 2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Signals 24/7. Related URL.
  • Hipkins, G. J. (5/5/2013). The Dam (O) [Blue Ray and HD Formats], Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Oberhausen Short Film Festival. Related URL.
  • Hipkins, G. J. (2012). I'm there right now: Occupying architectural spaces photographically. In N. Stead (Ed.) Semi-Detached: Writing, Representation and Criticism in Architecture (pp. 86-104). Melbourne, Australia: Uro Media.

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