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Professional Teaching Fellow


Jason Holecliffe is a Professional Teaching Fellow, and Director of Resources at the School of Music, University of Auckland.

Jason created, developed and teaches in the thriving Music Technology and Production area in the School of Music - a discipline which involves using the modern recording studio (and the associated techniques, skills and equipment) as a modern musical instrument in its own right.  He is an expert in both the cutting edge of modern Music Production, as well as the classic recordings and techniques of years gone by.

As well as his academic, teaching and research background, Jason has extensive professional and industry experience - having worked as a resident and freelance Producer/Engineer at several of New Zealand's premier recording studios, including York Street Studios and Roundhead Studios.

Research | Current

Jason Holecliffe is a specialist in the field of Music Technology, Production and Audio Engineering. As well as vast professional and industry experience, his research interests include:

  • Cutting-edge modern Music Production Techniques
  • Modern and Classic Recording Techniques
  • Music Production Software and Analog Emulation
  • Sound Design
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Innovative forms of popular music
  • Acoustics and Studio Design

Other fields of expertise include:

  • Sound Design  
  • Physics / Geophysics
  • Psychology

Teaching | Current

MUS119 - Introduction to Music Technology

MUS219 - Sound Recording and Production I

MUS318 - Sound Recoding and Production II

MUS319 - Sound Recording and Production III

MUS313 - Sound Design for Film and Video Game

MUS355/356 - Hit Single Project - Professional Studio Project in Music Production (UG)

MUS754/755 - Hit Single Project - Professional Studio Project in Music Production (PG)

MUS380 - Creative Practice in Popular Music 5

MUS381 - Creative Practice in Popular Music 6

MUS383 - Popular Music Recording and Production


Multiple nominations in New Zealand Music Awards

  • Producer of the Year
  • Engineer of the Year


  • Coordinator of Music Technology and Production Areas
  • Director of Resources

Areas of expertise

  • Professional Music Production
  • Audio Engineering
  • Mastering
  • Acoustics
  • Professional Studio Recording

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Director of Resources
  • Resources Committee Membership (Chair)
  • Executive Committee Membership
  • Academic Committee Membership
  • Health and Safety Committee Membership
  • MCPA

Contact details

Primary office location

Level 8, Room 807
New Zealand