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Pianist Kevin Field has collaborated with some of the top international names in jazz including bassist Matt Penman, drummer Obed Calvaire  and guitarist Nir Felder, who all feature on his soon to be released New York album The A List.  He has performed concerts in the UK, USA, and Australia, and features on over 30 albums including Nathan Haines’ recent release’s The Poets Embrace and Vermillion Skies and recordings by such artists as Whirimako Black, Jennifer Zea, and The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  In addition, Kevin has released several of his own albums including 2012’s Field of Vision on the Warner Music label.


At the age of 8, Kevin began his musical career with piano lessons introducing him to the world of classical music.  After considerable success at competitions and examinations, he started playing in a jazz band at age 17 where he discovered a passion for jazz.  Kevin’s distinctive approach to jazz harmony is probably the most recognizable element to his playing and compositions. “From a very young age, it was the harmony in music that moved me and the emotions that could be attached to chords or a chord sequence.”


Kevin is a dynamic and experienced live performer having lead a number of his own bands and is known for the respect and affinity he garners from his fellow musicians.  He is also a Lecturer in Jazz Studies at The University of Auckland.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Field, K., Manins, R., Holland, O., & Samsom, R. Dog, 1/4/2014. [CD], (72:46), , Commissioning body: University of Auckland, Rattle Records
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Ron Samsom, Olivier Holland, Roger Manins
  • Field, K. D., & Nabouta, B. (2012). Kevin Field: Field of Vision [Compact disc] NEw Zealand: Warner Music New Zealand.
  • Field, K. D., Holland, O. S., & Samsom, R. (2011). Irony: FSH Trio [Compact disc] [CD (RAT-J-1001)] Rattle Records. Rat-J-1001. Related URL.

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